Top Places for Art and Cultural Activities in Saint-brieuc

A trip to Saint-brieuc cannot be complete without understanding its rich heritage. The art and cultural activities in Saint-brieuc will give you an insight into the city's history, traditions, and artwork. While visiting the cultural attractions in Saint-brieuc would prove to be informative, attending its artsy events will leave you entertained. From cultural performances to historical monuments that give you a glimpse of the past, take a look at this list to know Saint-brieuc better. Include these in attractions in your itinerary for Saint-brieuc and have a great vacation.

Check the list of top places for art and culture in Saint-brieuc:

  1. Museum Of Art And History

    Art And Culture, Museum

    The museum is surprisingly old – the collection was founded in 1886. There are two pavilions: one for temporary exhibitions on a single floor, and the other for permanent collections displayed over three floors. The objects in the museum are common and everyday, but the story they tell of Brittany is very intriguing. The permanent collection has: Ground floor: landscape paintings by loca...Read more
  2. Cathedrale Saint-etienne De Saint-brieuc

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    This Roman Catholic cathedral, though built only in the 15th century, is the seat of one of Brittany’s nine most ancient dioceses. The building you see today is a national monument. It was heavily damaged in 1375 and 1394; ironically, the man who defended it in the first attack personally led the second attack. Founded around the 6th century by Saint Brieuc, the cathedral contains some of...Read more
  3. Eglise Saint-yves Image


  4. Mosquee De Saint-brieuc Image


  5. Fontaine St Brieuc (xv) Image