Best Things To Do in Saint Louis, Missouri

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  • The City Museum: This is what you get when a child or an eccentric millionaire decides he wants to turn an abandoned warehouse into Wonderland. Obstacle courses, a bar and many archaeological leftovers from around St. Louis make this sort of one of a kind. It’s easily the city’s favorite tourist attraction.
  • Eads Bridge: This bridge was the first to cross the Mississippi, the first primarily steel structure in the world, and the longest bridge in the world at completion in 1874
  • Forest Park: Pretty much every outdoor activity possible is crammed into this natural space’s limits as well as free admission into the St. Louis Science Center, the art museum, the zoo, and a history museum. Our online travel guide can help you generate some neat itineraries here – just use our itinerary planner.
  • Gateway Arch: The world’s tallest national memorial is a cross between a cable car and an elevator and a Ferris Wheel.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden: Serene, beautiful and fun, the Botanical Garden is a must see, especially for the geodesic dome Climatron. There’s usually an event or two on here. It’s one the coolest things to do in St. Louis.

Below we have a list of things to do in Saint Louis and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Saint Louis getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Saint Louis

Here is the list of things to do in Saint Louis and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Gateway Arch

    4.7 (1396 Votes)
    Gateway Arch

    View Point, Architecture

    Shining silver bright, delicately curved yet gigantic in size, Saint Louis’ Gateway Arch is quite a sight to be behold. Not only is it a real beauty but also the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere! When one combines the arch’s architectural splendour with its rich historical significance, you start truly appreciating why this is the symbol of the city. In 1803, U.S ...Read more
  2. Cathedral Basilica Of Saint Louis

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    Like a fairytale castle dedicated to the Christian son of God, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is both a stunning piece of craftsmanship as well as a tranquil, sober place of worship. Its green domes shine in the St. Louis sun and match the colour of the lush green trees growing around the church which softly frame the cathedral. Plans for the cathedral began under the Archbishop Peter Ri...Read more
  3. Forest Park

    4.8 (805 Votes)
    Forest Park

    Outdoors, Forest, Park

    Whether you want to go on a mini jungle safari, surround yourself with solitude and drink in local history and culture or tickle your curiousity with science, you need to visit Forest Park. This large park is the heart of Saint Louis and is home to the city zoo, art museum, local history museum and a science center, plus is a city favourite for picnics, outdoor activities and all around wholeso...Read more
  4. Grant's Farm

    4.7 (436 Votes)
    Grant's Farm

    Ranch, Farm

    With a moo here and an oink there, and haystacks and fun rides everywhere, Grant’s farm is sure to be a highlight of your visit to Saint Louis. There’s no better way to really feel the spirit of Missouri than spending a warm, sunny afternoon out on the farm, drinking an ice cold beer while the kids feed and pet the healthy, happy farm animals. The farm’s namesake is Ulysses S....Read more
  5. Saint Louis Science Center

    4.7 (641 Votes)
    Saint Louis Science Center

    Science Museum

    Saint Louis Science Center is a learning and activity centre with over 750 unique exhibits to entertain, inspire, and enlighten you about the natural wonders and science. The highlight of this science centre is the James S. McDonnell Planetarium where the star projector in the 24 meter dome will let you view the celestial objects in the night sky. With your kids, you can catch an enthralling mo...Read more
  6. City Garden

    4.7 (649 Votes)
    City Garden

    Garden, Botanical Garden, Walking Area

    Picture the first bloom of flowers, the rainbow after a storm and the glittering seeds of a pomegranate. From the wild, blasts of colour that paint the sky, to the burst of patterns across the bodies of animals, it is without doubt that art and nature go hand in hand. Now picture a museum that combines the perfectly proportionate beauty of nature along with the maddening complexity of contempor...Read more
  7. The Muny

    4.8 (316 Votes)
    The Muny

    Entertainment, Performance, Opera House, Amphitheater

    Lights! Camera! And action! Let big, splashy musicals capture your imagination in the Municipal Opera Association of St. Louis, or ‘Muny’ for short. Characters come to life on the stage, which is nestled between the green, leafy shrubbery of Forest Park. Both calming and invigorating, you can relax your feet and work your mind at the same time at this St. Louis cultural hub. The are...Read more
  8. Old Courthouse

    4.6 (606 Votes)
    Old Courthouse

    Architecture , Court

    In 1846, the slave Dredd Scott fought for his freedom, and that of his family in a court of law. In 1872, Virginia Minor attempted to be the first woman to vote in a St. Louis election and was sent to court. What do these two incidents have in common? There were great acts of courage and fights for equality. The third thing similarity is that both these history changing battles took place in th...Read more
  9. Gateway Arch Riverboats

    4.2 (446 Votes)
    Gateway Arch Riverboats

    River, Entertainment, Cruise

    Want a different vantage point to look at the Arch? Look no further than the Gateway Arch Riverboats, who’re ready to paddle you down the Mississippi and take a gander at the Gateway Arch.. from below it! The Gateway Arch Riverboats have been in business since the 1960’s and have been helping people commute from one end of the St. Louis waterfront to the other since then. Armed with...Read more
  10. The University City Loop

    4.5 (263 Votes)
    The University City Loop

    Restaurant, Entertainment, Market, Neighborhoods

    A long time ago, cars used this area as a roundabout, to head back to University City. Today, it’s been rated one of the ‘10 Great Streets of America’. Welcome to the University City Loop, a strip of restaurants and entertainment areas which stretches from University City to a neighbourhood in East St. Louis. Eat, beat the heat and explore this street with its bowling center, ...Read more
  11. Soulard Weekend Market

    4.7 (103 Votes)
    Soulard Weekend Market

    Market, Shopping Center

    A drunkard is a person who drinks alcohol in excess and that is what the French word ‘soulard’ translates into. Ironically, the Soulard Weekend Market is far from being a gathering of drunks, on the contrary the weekend market is comprised of men and women dedicated to growing fresh, delicious produce in the most organic manner possible and selling their wares to those who crave nat...Read more
  12. St. Louis Ballpark Village

    4.5 (209 Votes)
    St. Louis Ballpark Village

    Bar, Food And Drinks

    In America, no sport incites the kind of fervent passion, nostalgia and community spirit the way baseball does. Right from the sports teams to the stadium food, every single part of the game has become almost synonymous with the American way of life and nothing represents this love for the sport better than the 10 acre site of the St. Louis Ballpark Village. Formed in place of the old Busch Mem...Read more
  13. Central Public Library

    Library, Educational Site

    You’re at the King’s Crossing Station, between platforms 9 and 10 when a little girl goes hurtling passed you! She’s about to hit the wall! You’re about to cry out but you’re suddenly somewhere else. You’re on a desert island and you see a young boy with a conch shell in his hand, fair hair glistening in the sun. You wave at him to catch your attention when t...Read more
  14. Frank Lloyd Wright House In Ebsworth Park


    Frank Lloyd Wright, often called the greatest American architect of the 20th century, designed structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment. All his creations, from the Guggenheim to his mostly completed ‘Kraus House’ in Ebsworth Park, were physical embodiments of harmony with both the environment and the human sense of aesthetics. The Frank Lloyd Wright House, ...Read more
  15. Bellefontaine Cemetery

    4.4 (195 Votes)
    Bellefontaine Cemetery


    Like a testament to the cycle of life, the Bellefontaine Cemetery is a lusciously green field of grass and shrubbery above the final resting grounds for many. Both somber and serene, both beautiful and macabre, the cemetery is bursting with beauty and stories begging to be seen and heard. In 1849, a group of the most prominent and powerful citizens of Saint Louis decided it was time to create a...Read more