Best Things To Do in Saint Petersburg, Russia

  1. Museum Of Soviet Arcade Machines

    Museum, Entertainment, Specialty Museum

    Feel nostalgic and experience excitement like a child as you not just see old style games but also get to play them at this one of a kind Museum of Soviet arcade machines. More a gaming arcade than a museum, this place is a repository of arcade games spanning many decades. Bring your friend or family to compete with and set off on a joyful ride that lets you revisit your fondest childhood memor...Read more
  2. Anna Akhmatova Literary And Memorial Museum

    Art And Culture, Library, Museum, History Museum

    This literary museum is dedicated to the famous Russian poet Anna Akhmatova. One point of interest regarding this museum is that not only is the museum important and famous, so is the building in which it is situated. Housed within one wing of the famed eighteenth century Fountain House, the museum originally served as a place of residence for the poet who serves as the namesake of the museum. ...Read more
  3. Museros Museum Of Eroticism

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    One of the world’s largest museum of Eroticism, this is no ordinary exhibition. The museum holds several dozen exhibits of sexual objects, erotic art and its history. Equipped with 3d porn room and staggering displays of sexual toys and artworks, the museum could turn out to be quite a revelation for the uninitiated. The museum sheds light on Russia’s sexual culture and even on the ...Read more
  4. Budisky Khram

    Art And Culture, Religious Site, Temple, Architecture

    The Buddhist Temple in Saint Petersburg is more of an architectural masterpiece than a religious location for tourists in the city. Established in 1909 under the supervision of the Buddhist doctor of Tsar Nicholas II, this temple is widely regarded as a herald of change for Russian culture and religion. One of the most striking parts of the monastery is the red portico. Russian Art Nouveau and ...Read more
  5. Gatchina Palace And Park

    Palace, Architecture , Heritage Building

    Located at a distance of 45 kilometres from St Petersburg, Gatchina Palace is probably the most lived-in mansion amongst all the palaces in St Petersburg. Catherine the Great bought the village and grounds for Count Grigoriy Orlov who then appointed Antonio Rinaldi to design the palace. During the Revolution and Civil War, Gatchina was the site of two major events - the final fall of Kerensky's...Read more
  6. Chesma Cathedral And Monastery

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    One of the most commanding and majestic examples of Gothic architecture in Saint Petersburg, the Chesma Cathedral truly is a one of a kind structure. The most interesting point about this imposing structure is the pink and white striped design that decorates the frontal façade of the cathedral. Founded in 1780 by Catherine the Great, this church is located in the Red Village. A candy can...Read more
  7. Feel Yourself Russian

    Art And Culture, Entertainment, Stage Show

    Feel yourself Russian at this amazing folk show that is full of Russian tradition and culture. The show takes place at the becoming 19th century Nikolaevsky palace which makes for a perfect venue for this little slice of culture. The talented artistes keep you entertained and tapping your feet for a couple of hours. There is dance, history, tradition and folklore mixed with a scrumptious meal a...Read more
  8. Kazan Cathedral

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    Kazan Cathedral

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Kazan Cathedral or Kazanskiy Kafedralniy Sobor is a cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church located in Saint Petersburg. This amazing cathedral is a shining example of the Empire style of architecture. Construction of the cathedral started in 1801 and the structure was completed nearly ten years later. Dedicated to Our Lady of Kazan, this church is one of the most beautiful in the world. Touri...Read more
  9. Alexandrinsky Theatre

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    Alexandrinsky Theatre

    Art And Culture, Entertainment, Theatre

    Before Mariinsky theatre, the Alexandrinsky theatre was the main venue for Russian ballet and opera performances. The interiors of the theatre are as fascinating as the performances itself; it’s an outstanding example of Russian classic architecture. Designed by the great K.I Rossi, the theatre has beautiful interiors with ornate sculptures and carvings. Named in honour of Alexandra Fyodo...Read more
  10. Nonconformist Art Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum, History Museum

    Pushkinskaya 10 is a very well known building that serves as the focal point for an area closely associated with the nonconformist movement. Laden with rich history, this museum is quite unlike traditional museums. Nonconformist propaganda, original posters from Soviet times and influential pieces of art are displayed in this museum. A centre that promotes counterculture, it is quite surprising...Read more
  11. Yelagin Island

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    Yelagin Island

    Outdoors, Island, Palace

    An oasis located close to the heartland, Yelagin Island is an excellent retreat from the city life. Named after Ivan Yelagin, the island has a Palace, a picturesque park dotted with several lakes and green landscapes. During autumn, the park transforms into a rustic coloured paradise as leaves change colours from healthy greens to mature reds and browns. The Park is great for a stroll or a picn...Read more
  12. Dostoevsky Museum

    Art And Culture, Museum, History Museum, Educational Site

    Located in the former residence of the famous writer, this museum serves as a reminder to the prowess, life and work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. This apartment was where the writer spent the last of his days until his death in 1881. The features of this museum include his living quarters that are maintained in the way it was when the writer lived there, the Theater, The Literary Exhibit showing his ...Read more
  13. Statue Of Chizhik-pyzhik

    Landmark, Statue

    The chirpy bird made famous in a Russian nursery rhyme is immortalized in bronze near the Summer Garden, on a parapet overlooking the embankment. This 11 centimetre statue of a siskin bird is perhaps the smallest statue in Russia but this has made no difference in its popularity. “Chizhik Pyzhik, where've you been? On Fontanka, drinking vodka." This popular folk song owes its origins to a...Read more
  14. Grand Choral Synagogue

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    Grand Choral Synagogue

    Art And Culture, Religious Site, Landmark, Architecture

    The Grand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg is the second largest of its kind in the continent of Europe. Consecrated in 1893, the synagogue was completed in 1888 and has hence garnered international acclaim because of its lavish design. Built in a time of turmoil for the people of Jewish faith in Europe, this synagogue bears testimony to the changing times that were experienced in those perio...Read more
  15. House Of Books Or Dom Knigi

    Landmark, Specialty Museum, Heritage Building

    Just opposite Nevsky prospekt lies the iconic Singer House that is a landmark in its own right. The historical building of the Singer House was constructed more than a hundred years ago, designed by architect Pavel Suzor. The House of Books stands out because of its granite facade that boasts of decorative sculptures instead of usual gutters, generous decoration work, and famous glass dome on t...Read more