How to Reach Salamanca


  • By Air: Salamanca doesn’t have any international airports. The domestic airport of Salamanca has regular flights to Barcelona and Paris. From there, you can take a bus or taxi to reach the city that is 1.5 kilometers away. The only international airport is in Valladolid, which is just 1.5 hours away from the city. Besides this option, Barajas airport in Madrid is another international airport you can think of to reach the city. Taxis, cars and buses to Salamanca are available from this airport.
  • By Train: Frequents trains connecting to Salamanca train station from Valladolid, Avil, Ciudad Rodrigo are available. Madrid, San Sebastian, Bilbao and Barcelona are some of the other places that has train connecting to Salamanca.
  • By Bus: Bus is the easiest and most comfortable mode of transport here. You will get buses connecting to Salamanca bus terminal (that is at Av. Filiberto Villalobos) from Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Santander.
  • By Car: After flying down from other part of Spain to Madrid’s airport, you can hire a car to reach Salamanca.


  • Buses are the convenient option to move around the city. It will cost you around €0.59 for the bus pass. Night buses are also there if you wish to travel around the city at night.
  • Besides this, taxis are there for 24 hours. You can hire a taxi and can travel both within and in the outskirts of the City.
  • Else, walking around the city is always the best option as the city is quite small to cover on foot. For outskirts buses and taxis are there at your service.