Best Time To Visit Salekhard

Best Time To Go To Salekhard

The lovely town of Salekhard has a subarctic climate with long freezing winters and short, wet and humid summers. Visiting Salekhard for the first time? Here are the weather details:

  • Winters: Winters last from October to April beginning. This is not the best season to visit Salekhard as the temperatures range from -0.2° Celsius to -27° Celsius. It is also off season for tourists and visitors.
  • Summers: Summers begin April onwards and sunny days last till September beginning. However, monsoons intermingle with this season making it wet and humid.

There is no particular best time to visit Salekhard, each season has its own beauty and woes. If you can tolerate rainy days, we advice you visit Salekhard between mid-April to September. Don’t forget to carry an umbrella or a rain jacket with you!

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