How to Reach Salerno


Salerno is a transportation hub that includes a ferry terminal, airport and central train station.

  • By Air: The closest international airport to Salerno is Naples Capodichino. From the airport, you can board a SITA bus that takes you Salerno.
  • By Train: Salerno is easily accessible from Napoli Central or Piazza Garibaldi. There are both luxurious, more expensive trains and standard trains that run on this route.
  • By Bus: You can reach Salerno by bus from Naples and Amalfi Coast. From Naples, the bus journey is approximately of an hour or so whereas the Amalfi coast drive is a bit more winding and takes longer.
  • By Boat: There is a boat service running from and to Amalfi coast from Salerno, Positano and other nearby coastal towns. It is a much prettier route and you can experience the magical coast of Amalfi en route.


  • By Bus: Salerno has a good network of buses even though some might be a bit irregular. Bus transport is cheap and convenient.
  • By Foot: Salerno is great for walking around. Especially in the old town, you’d love to stroll past the beautifully preserved monuments and churches.