How to Reach Salvador


  • By Air: Many international travelers opt for flights that land directly at Salvador’s international airport.
  • By Bus: If you’re coming in from another city in Brazil, you could opt for a bus ride although air travel comes recommended. You could also travel between the neighbouring countries by bus, but the fare is exorbitant.
  • By Bike: If you’re looking to re-live something like the Motorcycle Diaries, then that requires a lot of different formalities including a bond, a down payment known as a bank guarantee and details of your visit to the country/city.


  • To get to your hotel from the airport, there are two types of taxis available from the airport- the executive and the normal taxi; the former is prepaid whereas the latter is decided by the meter.
  • The best way to get around the city is either by bus or a taxi, and then explore the area on foot. You can’t see Salvador through a window and certainly not point-to-point. The buses are confusing to first find out what bus stops where and then map out the attractions that fall in the area.
  • To get to the lower/higher city, use the Elevador Lacerda or the cable car. The streets that fall between these two areas are not safe.
  • There’s also the option of driving around the city in a rental but it’s highly advised against doing so.