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  • Address: 11800 Braesview, San Antonio, TX 78213, USA, United States
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About The Place At Castle Hills Apartments, San Antonio

The Place At Castle Hills Apartments is situated in San Antonio, United States.

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The Place At Castle Hills Apartments, San Antonio Reviews

  • It seems management has really made some big changes lately in the past year and continuing. Ive been here for over 3 years and been in several apartments. (3 different apartment sizes) 1. Security - they have contracted security recently 2. They've been seriously been cracking down on the irresponsible people with large dogs wandering without leashes 3. I havent heard or seen any broken into mailboxes in a long while 4. Maintenance is alot faster lately - seen new faces and havent waited long for the last few work orders 5. The leaf blower guys have stopped making unnecessary noise around my window and front door and I havent seen them around as much, the grounds are well kept 6. Front office has been helpful and polite repeatedly which is nice Rent is somewhat high but considering all the improvements I would say my experience here has been getting better and better.

  • Tho I do enjoy my comfy home, the male receptionist makes me feel unwelcomed when I pick up my mail. I understand you have bad days but it's a coincidence that Everytime I go I feel like such a bother when he sighs loudly and never says hello or smiles to the point where I dread going over to the office. I'm the one who says hello, goodbye and thank you in order to receive some kind of form of "we appreciate you" kind of welcoming. But over all I love my apt.

  • DO NOT MOVE HERE! I've lived in several apartments before and this place is by far THE WORST. The list of terrible things about this place is so long so hopefully I won't forget anything. 1.) The people at the front office are absolutely dreadful. They're always in a terrible mood. When you go in there to pick up a package or to ask a legitimate question they always act like you're inconveniencing them. Also they change out the staff A LOT. Every time I've gone in there for something it's basically a whole new staff. 2.) When I moved in I was told there was 24 hour security. I guess that's why there's always someone breaking into the mail boxes in the mail room or how my apartment was broken into in BROAD DAYLIGHT. There's always fights at 3-4AM in the parking lot too. 4.) Let's be honest here, this place is a dump. The landscaping is just rocks, rocks everywhere. Constantly tripping over them. No one cleans up after their pets so it constantly smells like dog waste. There's all kinds of old rebar and other types of rusty old metal just barely sticking out of the ground so you can't see it, but you sure will trip on it! You'll most likely find old pieces of roofing and other materials scattered around as well. The pools are always green. Litter, litter, and more litter. 5.) Do you own a car? That's unfortunate because there's no where to park. EVER. There's no assigned parking for residents so it's basically like playing in the Hunger Games to try to find a place to park remotely near your apartment. Hope you like walking in the dark at night! 6.) They say "no smoking" but your neighbors can and WILL smoke. Whether it's tobacco or marijuana they're going smoke it and you're going to smell it. 7.) There are strays all over the place. A stray cat gave birth to five kittens on our patio. There are cats roaming around constantly sometimes even the occasional dog. Residents LOVE to leave their dogs on their patios for extended periods of time (hours, even days) and when you report it, the front office does absolutely nothing. I really hope I haven't missed anything here. If I remember anything else I'll try to edit it. I'm just here to help people who are looking for a nice place to live. This is not one of those places.

  • mailboxes constantly being broken into, have reported to office and police multiple times and it takes over a month to even fix the lock. vehicle broken into twice on property. nobody picks up after their dogs. graffiti all throughout neighborhood. they are always having "hotdog night" and "breakfast at the gate" but can't replace a mailbox panel? plus somehow the mailroom IN THE OFFICE has been robbed multiple times. always changing management. whenever someone is told that an issue will be taken care of, someone else buys the property. five stars for the maintenance dudes, though. they actually fix things and really do come back when they say they're going to grab something and be right back.

  • Let me start by saying, if I could rate this negative stars I would, but the only one in the office who gives me hope is Christian & that's only because he helped me get the apartment I wanted and when I wanted. Also apparently he's the only one in the office who is able to find my packages when they get delievered. So props to him. BUT.... If you want to pay $800+ a month for an apartment, and also want to wait a week to have repairs done to said expensive apartment, then this is the place for you. I've only lived in my apartment for going on four months now & I have had my AC break down, my stove break down and my washer also break down on three different occasions. I've called maitenance the same day to tell them of the issue only to have them drop the ball on my request and take ONE week to fix it. Can you imagine going a week without AC in one of the HOTTEST months in Texas? Well that was my reality. The only time things were able to get done was when I bitched to management about calling corporate & then things were going to get figured out. I get that things break, but it shouldn't take ONE week to figure out the issue. I used to live at this complex two years ago & I really never had any problems at all. But for some reason when switching owners, this apartment complex became a mess. I also thought none of these comments were true when I read them when I first looked into PACH, but they're pretty 100% accurate. Other than that, it's a good neighborhood, everyone's chill and it's always quiet. Choose wisely, people!

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