Ihop, San Diego

Currently Open [Closes at 11:00 pm]
  • Address: 6135 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111, USA, United States
  • Timings: 06:00 am - 11:00 pm Details
  • Phone: +1-8582774791
  • Tags: Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Family And Kids
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About Ihop, San Diego

At the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) you can be assured of top notch quality and exemplary service. To begin with, the pancakes are great for which this chain is famous. Country fried steak, hash brown and eggs make for a sumptuous breakfast. Have this delicious combo and you will start your day with a bang. The garden omelette with broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese of your choice is out of the world. Raspberry white chocolate pancakes, banana macadamia, nut pancakes and berry-berry banana crepe will drive you crazy. When you are looking out for a breakfast joint, this is the place. Enjoy your meal.

How To reach Ihop by Public Transport

  • Bus 27 to stop : Balboa Av & Mt Abernathy Av

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Ihop, San Diego Reviews

  • It is what it is, cheap and kids love it. I wouldn't necessarily eat it before a long car ride unless ordering a sandwich or something. The servers aren't super excited but I don't look like the 25% tipper that I am, which admittedly isn't something to brag about with such a super deal on the bill. Been many times with no issues and am happy they've been in the neighborhood all these years. Tastes good!

  • I visit regularly. More for breakfast. Love the Food and service. All locations are very good. Lunch and Dinner is very good also. I just usually seem to visit more for breakfasts.

  • One of the best IHOP's around. Also one of the only old school A frame IHOP around. Great food, great staff. You should give it ago. Opens at 6am and closes at 11pm.

  • Wow. Just called to see if i could place a carry out order and they said they don't do that????? Since when? I have been placing carry out orders for a yr now. They didn't even try to explain "it is a new policy". The guy had a loud conversation about a table with someone else while i was still on the line. How unprofessional and unfortunately they have lost my business.

  • I have eaten at this IHOP several times, over the last year, with a couple friends who invited me out to eat there ; I also ate there a couple of other times very late at night. Since, I used to live in Linda Vista - which is about five miles away - I've seen this IHOP hundreds of times however, I heard that they specialize in serving breakfast and I'm not a "breakfast person." The first time that I ate there, with my two friends, I had some kind of "Denver Omlette" and I thought that it was very good. ( Their menu specializes in different types of pancakes and many "breakfast specials."). Their prices all range from about $8 to $12 and they have a kid's menu too. They had good coffees - with refills - and several choices of teas ( regular and herbal), as well as orange and a couple of other juice choices too. Their building is one of IHOP's original A- frame structures and it's been at that same location for quite a few decades. The restaurant itself, was extremely busy during it's peak breakfast hours of about 07:00 and 11: 00 hours and several times there were so many people there, that some were waiting both inside and outside just to get seated. It is also a very popular family style restaurant, so I found the atmosphere to be one of noisey children, as well as a "social meeting place" for a number regular customers ; many knew the servers by name however, IHOP's been around for a long time. The place was so busy, that the wait to get seated, then served, was at least 30 minutes or more. There was plenty of parking however, after a few times, I just never went back there again, as it just wasn't my kind of place and we all have our special preferences. There's an excellent "county style kitchen" about 1/2 a mile west, off of Balboa and Genesee, that's a lot better and they cater mostly to seniors. I did go to IHOP alone several nights, back during February and March of 2017. Actually it was very early in the morning and there were only a few people there. My servers were actually very rude yet, I don't really know what I did to deserve such despicable treatment? I rarely ever go out to eat at night - especially very late - however, I was just finishing up a project. I really thought that I'd pass this review up but, since I was in that area a few days ago - trying to run an errand, which turned out to be another dismal failure - I thought that I'd post it, just in case I wasn't the only one who thought that IHOP wasn't everything it's been played up to be. I stopped to get a hamburger at the Habit BURGER GRILL and it was pretty darn good.

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  • Chopstix Too Sushi & Teriaki 4380 Kearny Mesa Rd
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  • Mekong Cuisine Lao and Thai 3904 Convoy St
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  • Di Chan Thai Restaurant 5535 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
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  • Souplantation 7095 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
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  • Submarina 4488 Convoy St
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  • Native Foods Cafe 5604 Balboa Ave
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  • Mega Fuel 7153 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
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  • ARCO 4498 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
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  • Ace Parking 7910 Frost St
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  • Ace Parking Management 1400 3003 Health Center Dr
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  • First Transit 7550 Copley Park Pl
    2.525 km away
  • Public Limo #41 at Genesee And Boyd 4255 Genesee Ave
    1.039 km away
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