Best Places to Eat and Drink in San Diego

When you plan a visit to San Diego, eat and drink as the locals do. To get the taste of the city rolling on your tongue, you must head towards the best places to eat and drink in San Diego. While a few places may lead you to small eateries offering mouth-watering food, others would take you to high-end restaurants in San Diego serving sumptuous meals. From cafes serving hearty breakfasts to delis serving a variety of cuisines, this extensive list of best restaurants in San Diego itself will take you on a gastronomical journey. After exploring all the best things in San Diego, treat your taste buds at any of these places.

Let's discover the best spots for foods, drinks and nightlife in San Diego:

  1. Seaport Village

    4.5 (3100 Votes)
    Seaport Village

    Waterfront, Village, Food And Drinks, Entertainment

    Seaport village is a great sport to hang out in San Diego. It is popular with the tourists for its shopping. There are several souvenir shops as well as other interesting stores that are all included in this vibrant area. Clothing, Jewellery and Souvenirs are the three items that you will find in an amazing array in this place. The restaurants are plentiful and almost all of them offer a wonder...Read more
  2. Mission Beach Boardwalk

    4.7 (501 Votes)
    Mission Beach Boardwalk

    Beach, Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Scuba

    Though technically this is part of the the Mission Bay aquatic park, this beach faces the Pacific Ocean rather than the bay. The concrete road is about 3.5 miles long, stretching between North Pacific Beach to South Mission Beach. It is a pedestrian path, though cycles are allowed. There are a lot of shops and eateries alongside the boardwalk. Highlights include: Ventura Place Belmont Park, wi...Read more
  3. Little Italy

    Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Neighborhoods

    This hilly neighborhood has evolved from a Genovese and Sicilian fishing neighborhood to one of the more eventful areas in the city. It is a very walkable area, filled with cute places to hangout, various plaza and terrific eateries of many cuisines. You will also find some great craft beer. On your stroll, here are some of the areas you should check out: Amici Park: A cute park with ball cour...Read more
  4. Ballast Point Brewing And Spirits

    Food And Drinks, Brewery, Adults

    This was the first micro-distillery in San Diego after the Prohibition. Founded in 1996 by UCLA graduates, this eventually also became the first of San Diego County's breweries to become a public company. Their beers cover German and Belgian varieties and also IPAs, ales, stouts and lagers. From Tuesday to Sunday various food trucks serve at the brewery. This only one of their several locations...Read more
  5. Girard Avenue And Prospect Street

    Food And Drinks, Shopping Center, Streets

    These two streets make up La Jolla's main shopping area. The variety of apparel here is immense, covering upscale brands, boutiques and chain stores. There are also many art galleries and restaurants. But what practically everyone comes here to buys is jewellery. The jewellers at this location are highly respected. The whole area is utterly chic, with buildings of various charming architectural...Read more
  6. Bernardo Winery

    4.6 (96 Votes)
    Bernardo Winery

    Winery, Adults

    Not content to serve ridiculously good handcrafted wines, this Winery decided to do organize ridiculously romantic weddings as well. The Rizzo family Has been in the line making business for three generations now, starting in 1899. The winery is located a little way out of San Diego, and B indoor and outdoor decoration is such that the entire place has a very rustic charm. The Tasting Room itse...Read more
  7. Green Flash Brewing Company

    Brewery, Adults

    Founded in 2002, this is one of the largest craft breweries in the country, producing over 80,000 barrels annually. The company made a name for itself first by producing flavourful IPAs. Later, it began to seriously innovate. Now, their fame is such that their rare brews sell out in seconds. The tasting room here has about 30 beers on tap. Food can be had from the Green Flash Gastro food truck....Read more
  8. Mission Brewery

    4.5 (75 Votes)
    Mission Brewery

    Brewery, Adults

    This craft beer house is located inside a historic 1894 building. The brewery is not young either; it was established in 1913. It went out business during Prohibition, and came back into business only after the millennium. And it is very cool of them to allow dogs and children inside the brewery. On days marked on their online calendar, they have various food trucks catering to the tasting room...Read more
  9. Alesmith Brewing Company

    4.7 (51 Votes)
    Alesmith Brewing Company

    Brewery, Adults

    Started in 1995, this artisanal brewery uses European brewing science. It works! They have won many awards. And it's not just their beer that is great. Check out their huge tasting room - over 25,000-square-feet of space. It is the largest in the county, and very stylishly and warmly decorated. There are plans for a beer garden bar, mezzanine, a small museum and an event space. They are dog fri...Read more
  10. Pacific Beach Alehouse

    4.4 (63 Votes)
    Pacific Beach Alehouse

    Food And Drinks, Pubs, Nightlife

    This two story beachfront pub doubles as a brewery. Very popular with the local for its great beers and excellent food, the pub has other appeals. For example, the top floor has some spectacular views of the ocean. And if you don't feel like gazing out, turn your attention to one of the 20 sports TVs. The lively atmosphere in the weekends make that the best time to visit. The service is friendl...Read more
  11. Gaslamp Quarter

    Food And Drinks, Entertainment, Performance, Shopping Center

    The Gaslamp Quarter is a district in San Diego where you will find everything from restaurants, shopping centres to other entertainment options. With a wide variety of things on display, shopping in this extremely cool district is a real treat. The crowd favourites are gems, clothing, clothes, footwear, wine, spirits and tobacco. There are also several exhibitions that keep taking place in this...Read more
  12. Modern Times Beer

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    Modern Times Beer

    Food And Drinks, Brewery, Cafe, Restaurant

    The two thousand square feet of the tasting room here has 16 beers on tap. The brewery has a few core beers that sell strong; the rest of the taps cycle through their more experimental brews, and it's always exciting to try them and give feedback. There are tonnes of tasty restaurants nearby, and you're totally allowed to bring food from them to eat here. Kids are welcome too. The best part is ...Read more
  13. Hotel Del Coronado

    Hotel, Food And Drinks

    This iconic Hotel in San Diego is sure to leave you surprised. Facing the gloriously sunny beach, the hotel is exactly what sunny California is all about. Whether it is a family vacation, a business trip or a romantic getaway, the hotel can cater to all. What is more is the place is simply impressive to look at. The stunning old school design of the building adds to its old worldly charm. The p...Read more
  14. Reuben H Fleet Science Center

    Planetarium , Cafe

    The Reuben H. Armada Science Center has eight separate displays. The place is a science centre with a very interactive approach towards science. Ideal for kids of all ages, this place is a very unique tourist attraction in San Diego. The interactive exhibits are extremely engaging and with a variety of subjects on offer, you are sure to find something interesting to explore here. It was one of ...Read more
  15. In Cahoots

    Food And Drinks, Club, Adults

    Drink, dance, play, and have lots of fun when you are in In Cahoots. It is a multilevel club with dance floors for line dancing and pool tables. The drinks are fairly priced, and the food too is good. The best part is the line dancing lessons which are taken to ensure that nobody is devoid of this fun experience. The cowboy themed decor perfectly gels with the kind of music and dance done here....Read more