How to Reach San Francisco

How to Get to San Francisco:

  •  By Air: The San Francisco International Airport which is located 16 kms from the main city is one of the largest airports in the world. It is very well connected with all the major cities throughout the globe with frequent international & domestic flights. Oakland International serves as a hub for Southwest airlines and caters to several towns in the United States as well as Mexico and Scandinavia

  • By boat: Ferries and cruise ships link the Bay area cities to San Francisco.

How to Get Around San Francisco:

  • On Foot: Although the city is pretty big you could still explore certain surrounding attractions on foot.

  • By Road: You could hire a bike to explore the city faster. There are biking paths in the city. You could hire a car or rent a taxi as well. You could use a sharing taxi in the city too. Other option is to book San Francisco tours to explore the city.

  • Public Transport: With a comprehensive transport system, you could get around San Francisco using the metro subway, streetcars, buses, trolley buses and cable cars.

  • Train: The local train covers most of the San Francisco tourist attractions and is a convenient way to explore the city.