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Ichi Sushi Ni Bar - Review

An attraction gaining popularity amongst tourists, Ichi Sushi Ni Bar, San Francisco is now making it to the list of every traveler. And here we are, to give you a glimpse of what it would feel like when you visit!

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Ichi Sushi Ni Bar, San Francisco Reviews

  • Good local sushi joint in an area in need of one. Highly recommend letting them order for you and enjoying the journey

  • Freshest sushi in the land! No need for added soy sauce or tamari because every bite you eat is perfected to taste amazing. We ordered a round of different sushi pieces then some salads and then rolls and hot dishes. The favorite of the night was the barracuda which had a Smokey yet subtle flavorings. Then we taught over the beef or blacken cod being better. I voted for the blacken cod, it had a delicate buttery taste after being marinated for 5 days. The dry crisp sake paired perfectly with all of our sushi and salad dishes. You can see from the photos I didn’t get the sesame paste vegetable dish or cod dish quick enough for a photo because it was so good.

  • Awesome sushi !!! You could tell the fish was fresh. The Otoro nigiri literally melts in your mouth , also the sweet shrimp nigiri and the scallop nigiri are really delicious. What really stand though is the uno that’s the real star of you have never had uni you may not understand the absolutely amazing experience that is eating it , it’s so creamy , and tasty not fishy at all it has almost the texture of a mousse, best sushi dish ever. If you can afford I recommend doing omakase , this restaurant is a bit pricy but the freshness of the fish and the cure that the chef puts in every single piece of sushi is definitely worth the money

  • The food and drink were good, but over priced. The seating was uncomfortable and cramped. Service was average to slow, depending on which member of our party was being served.

  • Omakase is okay by SF's very very low bar, but really expensive. I spent $550 + tip in here for omakase and hugely overpriced sake for 3 people including me, and I was more hungry and more annoyed when I left than when I came in. I rarely drop $200 a head on food and when I do I don't want part of the experience to be some smug white dude with a sashimi knife lecturing me on the origin of every tiny okay-ish bite of nigiri sushi that he's handing me. Back in the day, I spent a decade eating genuinely good, and genuine, Japanese food in Phoenix, made by actual Japanese chefs. I've had more still-twitching spiny lobster sashimi than I can count. I've looked at live tanks of shrimp, plate-sized abalone, scallop, and a half dozen kinds of crab, all at once from the same seat. I've been served live uni and fresh grated actual wasabi. I've seen a dining companion's amaebi jump into her lap. I've had snapper nigiri prepared three ways at one sitting. Regularly. I've had such, such good scraped toro made into rolls and nigiri. I've had chicken karaage that was made with actual dark meat and served with a bowl of rice topped with soybeans and a little pickled daikon. I've had the chef say as I walked in the door, "We have another Tai head for you today!" In absolutely every case this food, which you absolutely can not find in San Francisco, was reasonably priced, very, very tasty, and ... Japanese. And why? Among other reasons, because Phoenix, humble car-centric rectangularly sprawled Phoenix, is 6 hours east by refrigerated truck from Los Angeles, which is where the fresh seafood comes from, whatever kind of seafood it is. I sure as hell *never* spent $200/head on any extravagance my friends and I indulged at my Japanese dining spots in the Valley of the Sun -- but if I had, it would have been righteous and *special*. Before you think "well, Phoenix is just this cheap suburban heat hell," let's consider that Honolulu provides the exact same quality Japanese dining experience, at basically the same price, with still more options, and never mind the vastness of options in LA. God, why does San Francisco have to be like this? I lived there for 5+ years and am so happy to be out. The naive, overpaid, gullible gourmands who think they're foodies do nothing but encourage SF's mediocre and grotesquely overpriced yuppie-hipster restaurant scene. Meanwhile, the genuinely interesting family-owned and/or hole-in-the-wall restaurants just get rolled over. But, keep on with those 5 star reviews. You're getting what you ask for, and deserve.

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  • Church and 24th Street -
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  • Noe's Nest Bed & Breakfast 1257 Guerrero St
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