Best Time To Visit San Gil

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Best Time To Go To San Gil

San Gil has a tropical monsoon climate with very low amounts of rainfall in the winter months as compared to the summer months. The temperature hardly varies from 23 – 24 degree Celsius all through the year. The only major variations are in the amount of precipitation received all over.

  • Dry Season: The months of December to March receive a very scanty rainfall with January getting the least amount.
  • Wet Season: From April to November, rainfall is expected quite often with the month of October receiving the highest amount of precipitation. October also has the least temperature in the year, but the variation is not too much.

If you wish to enjoy the adventure activities that are available in San Gil, then plan a visit between the months of December to March. Lesser chances of rainfall will ensure that your plans don’t have to be cancelled at the last minute. Though expect to face a lot of rush during this period and high tariffs at hotels.

    We will be updating things to do in San Gil soon.