How to Reach San Marino


Getting in City of San Marino can be a little pesty for those not having an official permit from the Government of Republic of San Marino. This is because the republic is not a part of the European Union or European Economic Area. It simply has an open border with Italy. If you plan to exceed a stay of more than ten days, make sure you do the needed. Rest, it is easily connected by following means.

  • By Air: The republic of San marino does not have its own airport. The closest is Federico Fellini International Airport in the city of Rimini. Rimini lies at a distance of 25-odd kilometers from City of San Marino. Other than Rimini, you could also fly to the cities of Bologna, Forlì and Ancona.
  • By Train: Like air, the closest railway station is at Rimini. San Marino does not possess its own railway station.
  • By Car: This is best way and most convenient way to get in City of San Marino. Having an open border with Italy and being one of the 3 associate members of the Schengen Area, there are no border controls to this republic.
  • By Bus: Regular buses from Rimini facilitate getting in here. Catch the Bonelli Bus 72 from Rimini, ticket of which will cost 10 Euros for return and 5 Euros one-way. These run regularly every day. However on holidays and Sundays the frequency may be affected. 


  • On foot: This is the best and most suitable way to get around City of San Marino. Owing to a compact size all attractions are easily attainable too on foot.
  • Rented Car: You can rent a car from the neighboring cities of Rimini, Bologna, Forlì and Ancona.
  • Cable Car: Facilitating visits to some of the most important attractions of San Marino, is the cable car called “Funivia”. With a good frequency of 15 minutes in both directions, this mode of transport also bestows on borders with panoramic views of the city.