How to Reach San Marino


Getting in City of San Marino can be a little pesty for those not having an official permit from the Government of Republic of San Marino. This is because the republic is not a part of the European Union or European Economic Area. It simply has an open border with Italy. If you plan to exceed a stay of more than ten days, make sure you do the needed. Rest, it is easily connected by following means.

  • By Air: The republic of San marino does not have its own airport. The closest is Federico Fellini International Airport in the city of Rimini. Rimini lies at a distance of 25-odd kilometers from City of San Marino. Other than Rimini, you could also fly to the cities of Bologna, Forlì and Ancona.
  • By Train: Like air, the closest railway station is at Rimini. San Marino does not possess its own railway station.
  • By Car: This is best way and most convenient way to get in City of San Marino. Having an open border with Italy and being one of the 3 associate members of the Schengen Area, there are no border controls to this republic.
  • By Bus: Regular buses from Rimini facilitate getting in here. Catch the Bonelli Bus 72 from Rimini, ticket of which will cost 10 Euros for return and 5 Euros one-way. These run regularly every day. However on holidays and Sundays the frequency may be affected. 


  • On foot: This is the best and most suitable way to get around City of San Marino. Owing to a compact size all attractions are easily attainable too on foot.
  • Rented Car: You can rent a car from the neighboring cities of Rimini, Bologna, Forlì and Ancona.
  • Cable Car: Facilitating visits to some of the most important attractions of San Marino, is the cable car called “Funivia”. With a good frequency of 15 minutes in both directions, this mode of transport also bestows on borders with panoramic views of the city. 

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in San Marino. The most preferred mode of transport in San Marino is Bus/Trolleybus.

Average distance: 5.3 km Average time: 18 min

  • Bus/Trolleybus 50%
    Bus 21 min Waiting 5 min Walking 5 min Overall average time for 8.6 kms 31 min
  • Car 50%
    Driving 5 min Overall average time for 2 kms 5 min
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