Outdoor Activities in Sanary-sur-mer

Outdoor activities in Sanary-sur-mer are a mix of adventure sports and some laid-back vibes amidst scenic beauty. Sanary-sur-mer comes with an ideal terrain and atmosphere to spend active holidays and make plenty of unforgettable memories. So, explore the wilderness of Sanary-sur-mer and spend some time in the lap of nature with these exciting outdoor activities Sanary-sur-mer has to offer. From the most adventurous experiences to the most popular ones, the following list combines it all to make sure you do not miss these unique experiences while planning a trip to Sanary-sur-mer.

From sunrise to sunset, let's discover the best spots for outdoor activities in Sanary-sur-mer:

  1. Porquerolles Island

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    Porquerolles Island

    Hotel, Outdoors, Island, Restaurant

    Situated just off the Mediterranean coast, Porquerolles islands is part of two other islands that belong to the ‘ilesd’or’ or Golden islands. The biggest of the three the islands, is a beautiful space to be in away from the bustling noises of vehicles. This is a place where you get up with the chirping sound of the birds in the morning and the gentle sound of waves rather than...Read more
  2. Esplanade Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Restaurant

    Known for lot of beaches, perhaps one of the most famous ones in Sanary is the Esplanade Beach. It gets its popularity mainly because of its proximity to the town. The sand is clean and so are the waters. Although it remains crowded for most of the season but you can still enjoy a fun time in the beach with family and friends. Moreover, one of the other reasons for its popularity is the presenc...Read more
  3. Lido Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Play

    Being a city known for its beaches Sanary comes with a lot of them and Lido is one amongst the famous. Located west of Sanary, it’s a nice beach to hang out with family and friends. Quite bigger than Esplanade, the waters here are clean and so is the sand which makes it a fun place to enjoy and play.