Best Things To Do in Sandusky, Ohio

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Sandusky is a brilliant assimilation of several kinds of attractions that will appeal to diverse likings. While it is a popular destination for spring breaks and the summer breaks, the go-to choice of thing to do in Sandusky has a lot to do with waterparks here. There are plenty of waterparks here with some adrenaline rushing slides and water-rides. Speaking of adrenaline, we cannot help m mentioning the Cider Point too, given its constant ranking in the world’s best amusement parks. Apart from these, the city is dotted with museum with historical and national significance, like that of military veterans too. Wildlife conservation areas, balance the dynamism of the city, just right.

  • Cedar Point Amusement Park: Constantly ranked in the world’s best amusement parks, the Cedar Point Amusement Park features some of the most insane rides, if not plain adrenaline-rushing. And if that too overwhelming for you, the park also has some mellower options like games, and a beach just outside.
  • Kalahari Waterparks: One of the best waterparks not just in Sandusky but the whole of Ohio, the Kalahari Waterparks are a top choice of tourists. A great place to beat the heat, as you take splash in some interestingly themed pools. Ideal to visit by one and all.
  • Merry-Go-Round Museum: One of the best things to do in Sandusky with kids, the Merry Go Round Museum is a favourite of not just the locals but also has visitors coming back to a nostalgia of childhood. Featuring lots of wooden-carved horses, chickens, deer and all other aspects of a merry go round, this attraction can be enjoyed by children as well as adults for a trip down the memory lane.
  • Ghostly Manor Thrill Center: Trust Sandusky to not cease throwing adrenaline-rushing opportunities at you! The attraction is a popular hangout spot for some engaging afternoon gaming. It gets even better, to venture the other attraction, given its proximity to other important Sandusky attractions.
  • Castaway Bay Waterpark: Indeed, Sandusky is synonym to waterparks. This one especially with its peculiar Caribbean theme is a hotspot for tourists. A quick escape to the Caribbean’s anyone? Lots of wooden gazebos and the likes make for one fabulous indoor waterpark to be at.

Below we have a list of things to do in Sandusky and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Sandusky getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Sandusky with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Sandusky

Here is the list of things to do in Sandusky and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cedar Point Amusement Park

    4.6 (200 Votes)
    Cedar Point Amusement Park

    Amusement Park, Leisure

    One of the best things to do in Sandusky with kids or anyone for that matter, the Cedar Point Amusement Park has consistently won the 'world's best amusement park' award over the years. A plethora of some crazy, adrenaline rushing rides along with some brilliant mellower things to do this Sandusky attraction has something for everyone. Featuring some of the most thrilling rides, including the w...Read more
  2. Kalahari Waterparks

    4.4 (230 Votes)
    Kalahari Waterparks

    Amusement Park, Water Park, Leisure

    There is no better way to beat the Ohio heat than taking a splash at the fabulous Kalahari Waterparks. Abundant with plenty of rides, slides and more this is one place in Ohio that can be enjoyed with family, friends, kids and just about everyone. Also, featuring a spa with uber relaxing treatment, a day out at this Sandusky attraction is all what you need as the much-needed break. What more? T...Read more
  3. Castaway Bay Waterpark

    4.3 (167 Votes)
    Castaway Bay Waterpark

    Water Park, Entertainment, Leisure

    If you carve some Caribbean adventure in the midst of Ohio, The Castaway Bay waterpark is the place to go! Created on the lines of a Caribbean island, this Sandusky attraction attracts curious spectators craving for some fun, water adventure. Of something what looks like a wooden gazebo, you can enjoy all the water fun minus the overbearing heat of the sun, given its indoor placement. Lots of p...Read more
  4. Firelands Winery

    4.5 (37 Votes)
    Firelands Winery


    One of the premier wineries not just in the state of Ohio but the entire nation, the Firelands Winery is a must-visit for all the wine lovers. Not only will you get to sample some of the best quality wines here, you will also be guided on a very informative tour about the process of local wine making. The tour takes you through cellars, bottling rooms, champagne cellars, and concludes at a very...Read more
  5. Sandusky Speedway

    4.3 (158 Votes)
    Sandusky Speedway

    Entertainment, Race Track

    If Sandusky has so many things to do for the kids, you will be surprised with the things it has for adults! The Sandusky Speedway is just one of the Ohio attractions that are sure to blow your mind. As if straight out of the Fast and Furious film series, this attraction is thirst quencher for all those crave speed. You can rent a car and get some laps at a speed you desire, with a partner or so...Read more
  6. Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area

    Wildlife Sanctuary , Nature

    Spanning across a whopping 3,200 acres, the Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area is full of adventure opportunities for those who love the wild. Lots of woods, wetlands, brushes and native grasslands, that have accommodated some of the most exquisite wildlife. The “high quality freshwater estuarine habitat” is a unique one, which is a primary reason why such a humungous number of wildlife o...Read more
  7. Eleutheros Cooke House And Garden

    Garden, Architecture

    If you are someone who has even the tiniest interest in home décor or gardening then a visit to the Eleutheros Cooke House and Garden will leave you elated. Every item from the collection here is well explained by a very amicable staff. Formerly, housed by the city’s first lawyer and a politician who served the Ohio Legislature and U.S. Congress, there are a lot of political histor...Read more
  8. Ohio Veterans Homes Military Museum

    Military Museum

    What could be a great way to spend an afternoon at this museum that throws light on all the braveries of some great warriors. There is a museum and a library, both that dedicated to some resident of this Veteran Home that have braved some crucial wars and national conflicts. On Memorial Day, there are special events happening here, that are an absolute delight to be a part of. You will find art...Read more
  9. Skateworld

    4.3 (108 Votes)
    Tucked in the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center, the Skateworld has been operating as an indoor skating rink for decades and still does not cease to attract the skating enthusiasts with its never-changing style. This state of the art facility caters people of all ages –during scorching summer, it offers moments of relief. There is always high spirited music playing in the background to make you...Read more
  10. Cedar Point - Soak City

    4.6 (134 Votes)
    Cedar Point - Soak City

    Water Park

    The Cedar Point - Soak City, now renamed as Cedar Point Shores is operated by Cedar Fair with an array of thrill rides, water slides and roller coasters designed for people of all ages. The Main Stream, Wave pool, Lemmy’s Lagoon and Riptide Raceway are the attractions of the Cedar Point - Soak City or Cedar Point Shores. For kids, there are Lily Pad walk, Waterin’ Hole and Great Lak...Read more
  11. Maui Sands Indoor Waterpark

    2.9 (101 Votes)
    Maui Sands Indoor Waterpark

    Water Park

    This holiday, plan a seamless stay at Maui Sands Indoor Waterpark, Sandusky, and gift your kids and elders a splash-tabulous fun. Your vacation will be a memorable one with the true Hawaiian themed ambience, indoor tropical garden, bright, funky rooms, and endless amusement choices in this more-than-just-a-hotel. You can even plan your big fat events in this aqua wonderland. Rest assured, the h...Read more
  12. Holy Angels

    4 (10 Votes)
    Holy Angels

    Church, Religious Site

    The Faith community of Holy Angels Catholic Church is the oldest extant church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo. The Gothic revival structure of the church is noteworthy. The first Catholic church of Sandusky, the church observes the mission to grow as a Christian Community through prayer, sacraments and demonstrating God’s sermons to all by applying them in daily life. There are ...Read more
  13. Sandusky Maritime Museum

    4.5 (161 Votes)
    Sandusky Maritime Museum


    Sandusky and its bay area has for long been associated with its rich maritime history. All this goodness can be experienced at the Sandusky Maritime Museum.  The past is brilliantly brought alive by a plethora of interactive displays, lots of guided and informational tours and of course some thought provoking displays. Owing to such a great management and arrangement you can learn a lot ab...Read more
  14. Pipe Creek Wildlife Area

    4.2 (145 Votes)
    Pipe Creek Wildlife Area

    Park, Wildlife Park, Walking Area

    If you are looking out for a trail in Sandusky, then there are two fabulous ones – the Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area and the Pipe Creek Wildlife Area. Both have beautiful pathways to walk on, along with a vivid plethora of wildlife including ducks, deer and some exquisite birds. Strolling through a walkway of fragrant wildflowers and woods is certain to create some nostalgic memories for y...Read more
  15. Ghostly Manor Thrill Center

    4.4 (148 Votes)
    Ghostly Manor Thrill Center


    Up for some eerie adventure? The Ghostly Manor Thrill Centre is all about that! What is not to love of a place that is such an entertaining melange of seven exciting indoor attractions. Having something for everyone this Sandusky attraction is a go-to place for many, irrespective of the weather playing up its game. With its proximity to the other popular attractions of the city, the Thrill Cent...Read more