Best Things To Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Santa Fe proudly showcases its art galleries and museums and this is where you should start exploring the city. Begin with the New Mexico History Museum which is the oldest building in the US and the most loved tourist attraction in the city, to admire the excellent Native American art pieces and artefacts dating back to the Prehistoric times.

The New Mexico Museum of Art, Museum of International Folk Art and the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, all contribute to the city’s historic stories and love of art and a visit here will leave your speechless and inspired.

A visit to the Rancho de los Golondrinas takes you back in time as you stroll through the reconstructed buildings and fields that relive Santa Fe during the 1700’s.

A visit at the St. Francis Cathedral and the Santuario de Guadalupe is a lesson in the city’s fantastic historic architecture and art.

The food culture of Santa Fe will tempt you to try its classic delicacies and as you gorge on Mexican classics near the Plaza, don’t forget to see the rest of the neighborhood. 

Wine-lovers can take a few hours off to try some gorgeous wines at the Estrella Del Norte Vineyard during a sunny afternoon.

The city of Santa Fe also has a performance pulse which adds to the tourism of New Mexico and Santa Fe Opera is the highlight for sure! Do catch a live Opera show when in the city if you are visiting in the summer season.

Casual walks through the Santa Fe River Park, the Plaza and the entire route of the Santa Fe Southern Railway is an absolute must for avid walkers. A hike through the Sangre de Cristo completes the experience and is the perfect way to bid adieu to the beautiful landscapes of Santa Fe.

Nightlife in Santa Fe is limited to a few pubs and bars and a few casinos but you will often find the liveliest people here swaying to modern music. Needless to say, Santa Fe encompasses the best of places to visit in New Mexico. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Santa Fe and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Santa Fe getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Santa Fe with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Santa Fe

Here is the list of things to do in Santa Fe and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Canyon Road

    3.7 (474 Votes)
    Canyon Road
    The canyon road is the cultural and art center of Santa Fe and is a mile-stretch which occupies a number of art galleries, small boutiques that sell art and jewelry and small restaurants and eateries that complete the experience. The place springs to life during Christmas and Halloween and if you are looking for something to do when in Santa Fe, keep a tab on the trending events held here.
  2. Cathedral Basilica Of St Francis Of Assisi

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi was built in the late 19th century after a pre-existing 17th century church was destroyed during the Pueblo Revolt. Today the cathedral is popular for its Romanesque Revival style of construction with beautiful arches separated by Corinthian columns. Highlights include: Main Nave San Damiano Crucifix The whole cathedral is loved for its interior...Read more
  3. New Mexico History Museum

    4.4 (362 Votes)
    New Mexico History Museum


    The New Mexico History Museum showcases Santa Fe’s history and has a huge collection of artefacts, photos and maps encompassing the history of the Native people, Spanish explorers, outlaws, the railroad, World War II, hippies and modern-day New Mexico. The Museum shares its space with the ‘Palace of Governors’ and is the newest museum in the state! If you love history, a visit...Read more
  4. The Santa Fe Opera

    4.8 (612 Votes)
    The Santa Fe Opera

    Stage Show, Opera House

    The Santa Fe Opera House combines classic Opera performances with a view of Santa Fe like no other. The opera company was founded by John Crosby and till today provides a platform for Opera performers as well as Opera lovers a chance to see some fabulous performances. The outdoor theatre is also loved for its dining option and the tailgating is a crowd favorite. You can also carry a small picni...Read more
  5. San Miguel Chapel

    4.8 (661 Votes)
    San Miguel Chapel

    Church, Religious Site

    The San Miguel Mission is the oldest church in the US and is a Spanish Colonial church built in the early 17th century. The church was damaged during the Pueblo Revolt and was repaired in the early 18th century. The adobe layout of the church is still maintained and is its highlight. Other highlights include: An old church bell dating back to the 18th century. The main alter Wooden statue of S...Read more
  6. Kakawa Chocolate House

    4.8 (399 Votes)
    Kakawa Chocolate House

    Specialty Shop

    The Kakawa Chocolate House is popular for its dark chocolate varieties and serves a variety of flavors from truffle, caramel, mendiants to chili among others. Stop by at the place to indulge in some fabulous chocolate bars or simply get a chocolate drink to-go and sight-see the neighborhood. Highlights include: Authentic and historic drinking chocolates elixirs. The place serves traditional Pr...Read more
  7. New Mexico Museum Of Art

    4.5 (321 Votes)
    New Mexico Museum Of Art

    Art Museum, Museum

    The New Mexico Museum of Art offers a rare collection of art work by famous painters and photographers. The museum has a Searchable Art museum with over 20,000 art works from the southwest (majority of them are from New Mexico), a Library and an Archive section (accessible by appointment). The place also has trending exhibitions of prominent art works that represent the evolution of Mexican art...Read more
  8. Wheelwright Museum Of The American Indian


    The Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian showcases changing exhibitions which vary from archeological, Native American- Mexican art and artefacts, to fine stone jewelry, portraits, photographs, exquisite textiles, to a series of interpretative art-work. No matter when you visit the museum, you are sure to touch a part of American-Indian history. The museum also sells books and the in-house...Read more
  9. Santa Fe Farmers Market

    4.6 (48 Votes)
    Santa Fe Farmers Market


    The Santa Fe Farmers Market is the perfect way to grab a bite of freshly made delicacies when in the city. Take a walk through the market tasting farm-fresh produce and gorge on breads, hot coffee and fresh fruits as you breathe the local-life in Santa Fe. You will find early risers get their pick for the day or musicians performing for the crowd passing by. You can also buy locally-made gifts ...Read more
  10. El Rancho De Las Golondrinas

    Museum, History Museum

    The El Rancho de las Golondrinas is a living history museum where you can travel back in time to see a part of New Mexico in the 18th century. Don Juan Bautista de Anza rested here with his force in 1780 and the 200 acre land time-warps to still hold the same ambience of that time. The place has a shop where you can buy locally made products, options for food and a map for self-guided tours!
  11. Lensic Performing Arts Center

    Performance, Stage Show

    The Lensic Performing Arts Center was opened in 1931 and has a capacity of seating 821 people in the audience. The center is stated by many as the ‘premier stage in Santa Fe’ and is largely appreciated for its acoustics and grand performances. The center was built to reflect pseudo-Moorish and Spanish Renaissance influences and adds to the experience and ambience! If you love live p...Read more
  12. Liquid Light Glass

    4.8 (160 Votes)
    Liquid Light Glass

    Specialty Shop

    Liquid Light Glass is a glass studio where you can see the masters spin magic as they blow glass and give it its fabulous color and design. The place shows glass-blowing demonstrations which are open for the general public to see and the in-house shops guarantees you a delightful shopping experience as you buy ‘one-of-a-kind’ gifts for loved ones. The place also arranges classes and...Read more
  13. Oldest House Museum

    4.4 (113 Votes)
    Oldest House Museum


    The The Oldest House is considered to be around 350 years old ( supposed to be built around 1747-1760) and a fine example of Spanish Pueblo architecture. The house is located in the Barrio de Analco Historic District and keeps the essence of 18th century Santa Fe alive. The western part of the house has thick adobe walls (signature to Pueblo architecture), dirt floors, low ceilings and a corner...Read more
  14. Harrell House Natural Oddities


    The Harrell House of Natural Oddities is a museum and science shop where you can see Dinosaurs, Insects, fossils and minerals, buy science kits, books, games and art and jewelry all under one roof! If you are travelling with your tiny tots or simply are a science-lover, you are sure to see something interesting here and a short visit to the store is perfect to leave the museum with a small souv...Read more
  15. Keshi The Zuni Connection

    4.9 (54 Votes)
    Keshi The Zuni Connection

    Specialty Shop

    The Keshi store sells exclusive, one-of-a-kind jewelry, pottery, art and minerals shaped into beautiful deigns and forms. The store is popular for selling fetishes made from minerals and unique pottery that make for the perfect souvenir when in Santa Fe. If you love shopping for unique things, you will love just how much unique art the shop has to offer. A must if you are looking for places to ...Read more

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  • We will be in Santa Fe the weekend of July 21st to July 23rd.......What can an we do that does not allow overly physical exercise and a lot of walking as well as no water sports. We do like museums and historical places as well as jazz cafes.

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  • I will be santa fe the week of Thanksgiving, can you tell what is happening during this time and if restaurants will be open for Thanksgiving also will we have to be tested for covid 19

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  • what are special events, festivals, etc. later April and 1st 3 wks of May

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    • You can check the dates for Pueblo Feast Days and Tribal Celebrations. Other than that art events like Meow Wolf or programs under Canyon Road Sculpture Month are also arranged in May. 

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  • I am looking to visit Santa Fe in March or November 2020 which would be the best month? What month would have more activity and sight seeing available.

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    • March and November, both months are equally good to visit Santa with almost all the activities available for tourists. But, it is recommended to plan your trip in either late March as the chance of unpredictable weather is lesser or in early November to avoid snow. Planning a late March vacation means Santa Fe will not be as crowded as it is in the peak Spring season, but you will still get to experience the best of it. And when you visit it in November, you will get to be part of more festivities than in March. 

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  • Are there any train rides available in the Santa Fe area? Also any place to see bison? Thank you.

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    • You can take a ride on the Santa Fe Southern Railway which takes you on an 18-mile ride from Santa Fe to the small village of Lamy. I am not sure where you can spot bison in Santa Fe. It would be best to ask the locals around. 

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  • visited church where it is said st joseph build a stairway cannot remember the nane

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    • I suppose you are referring to the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe. You can get more information here regarding the Loretto Chapel

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  • Is anything special happening during the week of 10/31-10/28 in Santa Fe NM?

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    • There is no special event happening in Santa Fe particularly during the week of 28-31 October 2019. Usual events such as walking tours, music shows, and museum events are plenty though. You can get more information about them by visiting the official website of Santa Fe. 

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  • Who should I contact to find out about flamenco dance events in Santa Fe, NM?

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    • I don't think there is a particular number to contact and know about the Flamenco dance events in Santa Fe. I suggest you search online for Flamenco dance events in Santa Fe to get more information. 

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  • Are there any specific/unusual events planned in Santa Fe for the dates July 18-21 of July 25-28?

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    • I think there is a Traditional Spanish Market on 27th and 28 July. But, other than that for more information, I suggest contacting the tourist information center. 

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  • What is the usual weather at the end of October?

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    • what is the weather like in april

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    • The average temperature lies between 15 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius. It may get a little colder at the end of October in Santa Fe.  

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