15 Best things to do in Santa Marta

Colombia or The Republic of Colombia located in the North-West of South America. The name has been derived from the last name of Christopher Columbus. Panama borders it in the North-West; Brazil and Venezuela border it in the East; Peru and Ecuador in the South. Ranking first in the bird species Colombia is one of the megadiverse countries in Biodiversity. Rich in Culture, Literature, Visual Arts, Architecture, Music, Cuisine. Colombia has a lot to offer with many popular towns and cities you must not miss to visit! Santa Marta is Definitely one.

Santa Marta officially Distrito Turístico, Cultural e Histórico de Santa Marta is a city in Colombia. Being situated on a bay it is one of the favourite tourist spots all the time. Even the Economy is largely based on Tourism, Trade, Fishing, Agriculture. Now, let us see what all you can do when you get the opportunity to visit Santa Marta.

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There are several cities closeby Santa Marta, however, the closest is Soledad which is just 72km away and you can take a medium as per your comfort zone. 

1. Tayrona National Park

There are plenty of things which you can do in Santa Marta, Colombia. The first thing which you can do is visit Tayrona National Park. To Visit beach is obviously fun but if you want to take a break from Beach then this park is perfect for you. The park is quite famous for the white sandy beaches and turquoise water. The mesmerizing park is a thing you should definitely do.

2. Scuba Dive

Suba diving sounds interesting and is more interesting than it sounds. To do scuba diving you can go just north to the town of Taganga which is a tiny fishing village. People come to this place for different purposes some for vibes of the small town while others also come to learn scuba dive. So make your vacation full of thrill with more excitement and fun with Scuba diving.

3. Playa Blanca

Every Beach has its beauty. This beach has its own as it will make you feel relaxed and calm your nerves. This beach is however only accessible by boat. Also if you take a keen interest in marine wildlife you'll be the happiest as it also includes a stop at the Rodadero Aquarium.

4. Museo Del Oro

Taking interest in past is always full of surprises and liked by all. For that don't miss to visit the impressive Museo Del Oro Museum. The Museum is also known as Gold Museum as it has Gold jewellery from colonial past which is kept in a grand building known as the Customs House.  

5. Get Close To Nature

Growing world, Change taking place in everything has taken everybody away from nature. In fact, nature is losing its charm with the increased human actions. To get close to nature is a golden opportunity and you can get that in Minca. Minca is just an hour away from central Santa Marta where you can get to see Organic coffee farms, Jungle hikes and waterfalls. You can also plan a day there and witness the beauty of Sierra Nevada mountain range.

6. Street Food

Food is a thing which makes everyone happy. So get a bundle of happiness by sampling the street food of Santa Marta. From Ceviche, fresh fruit to lobster you'll get all types of variables which will be mouthwatering at a decent price. One of the best place for a perfect dinner with an ocean view by your side will be Avenida Bastidas. 

7. Parque De Los Novios

Just by visiting some historical monuments you can also go to the nearby central plaza where you can find a lot of bars, clubs as well restaurants. You can explore the old places in the city during daytime and dine and drink during the night and spend your day wonderfully!

8. El Rodadero

The suburb of El Roadeo is famous for its beach as well as its lively nightlife. For having fun at the Beach during the day as well as the night you can visit this and make some amazing memories. The nightlife of this place will revive every energy and doesn't even seem as if its night. There are lights and the place is at its best with live music, vendors and parties in a number of bars and clubs.

9. Bird Watching

For some, it is Bird watching whereas for some it is capturing every glimpse of the bird and enjoying and living every moment by clicking photographs. So, this is another thing you can do in Santa Marta in El  Dorado Reserve as it is a bird watcher's paradise. El Dorado Reserve is also a part of a project initiated to conserve the ecosystem and bird species. You can plan a guided tour as well and plan a day out there.

10. Find The Lost City

One more thing which you can do in Santa Marta is a trek into the jungle to find the lost city. Ciudad Perdida is a place where you can witness ancient ruins. It is located deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Santa Marta. The way to reach this place is to do a 5day trek through the jungle.

11. The Cathedral of Santa Marta

Some of the history pieces cannot be missed watching and this is among them. A lot of claims have been made on this place with the fact that it is the oldest cathedral in all of South America however it is not a proven fact. But this is an impressive historical piece as it was a home to the remains of South American Liberator, Simon Bolivar. To witness some exemplary work of architecture and historical site that will astound you, this is a place you should not miss.

12. La Puerta

Clubs are an absolute fun and to have a blast to visit this club should be a thing to do! You will have an amazing time at this club in a Colombian style with Salsa, Soca, Hip-hop which will warm up the dance floor. Don’t miss to visit this club to have some exclusive time.

13. Ouzo

To experience some Italian and Greek menu Ouzo can be a place you can visit. With its superbly designed interior and delectable food that includes superb pizza from a wood-fired oven and a good wine list, you will also get an octopus which is slow cooked for two hours in a broth, then slammed on the coals to sear and seal in the flavour. Thus a totally different thing will be experienced by you.

14. Lkaro

To have some delicious vegetarian food you can visit Lkaro which is an ultimate place which is friendly as well as breezy offering you excellent coffee, salads as well as sandwiches which are specially made on homemade bread. You can also taste their smoothies, which are all meat and fish free. And not forgetting to mention a giant lounging area to sprawl, and read!

15. Donde Chucho

Getting to taste some of the best Seafood is quite difficult, but you can make it easy by visiting Donde Chucho when in Santa Marta. This place serves the best seafood on the coast and is a local legend. From Shrimp, Manta smoked in olive oil to Parmesan you’ll have the opportunity to taste all and taste the best. 

With its spectacular natural surroundings, Santa Marta is indeed a hub for eco-tourism. Visiting Santa Marta cannot be a disappoint to anyone, anytime because it is indeed a place which has a lot to offer and the potential to make anyone fall in love with this place with its delight!

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Santa Marta, Colombia

Must see places in Santa Marta ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Santa Marta and point of interests to visit.

  1. Quinta De San Pedro Alejandrino

    #1 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta
    Quinta De San Pedro Alejandrino

    Tags: Landmark

    Address: Av. delLibertador - Sector San Pedro Alejandrino, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:30 pm Details

    Quinta De San Pedro Alejandrino is a very famous landmark in the city of Santa Maria. This was the place of death of the infamous Simon Bolivar- a Venezuelan military and political leader. He was a bi...Read more

  2. Gitana Del Mar

    #2 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta
    Gitana Del Mar

    Tags: Hotel, Leisure

    Address: Km 46 via Riohacha, Buritaca, Magdalena, Colombia

    The Gianta del Mar is an absolute gem of a hotel to stay at while you are holidaying in Columbia. Along with comfortable rooms, you will be surprised to hear the waves from the ocean at nights and bir...Read more

  3. Aquarium

    #3 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta

    Tags: Museum, Aquarium

    Address: Ensenada Inca Incafrente a la playa en, El Rodadero, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia

    Timings: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    The Rodadero Sea Aquarium and Museum in Santa Maria of Columbia is essentially a public aquarium and museum. This museum is also associated with the national museum of Colombia. This place is vast in ...Read more

  4. El Rodadero

    #4 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta
  5. Simon Bolivar International Airport

    #5 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta
  6. Palomino Guajira

    #6 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta
    Palomino Guajira Image

    Address: Palomino, Santa Marta, La Guajira, Colombia

  7. Camino Ciudad Perdida

    #7 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta
  8. Ecohabs Tayrona Santa Marta

    #8 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta
    Ecohabs Tayrona Santa Marta Image

    Address: playa de Cañaveral, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia

  9. Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta

    #9 of 15 Things To Do in Santa Marta
    Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta Image
    Timings: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

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