Events and Festivals in Santiago

Santiago has some pretty colorful festivals and events spread all year round but the highlights are during the first few months of the year.

  • Love parade: The colorful festival held in January is celebrated with parades, floats, music, food and drinks.
  • San Sebasti Feast Day: Held in January to honor the Patron Saint of Chile, devotees take on to the street in parades with music and have s small candle display at night.
  • Santiago Jazz Festival: Held in February, the festival is known for live Jazz bands and artists which entertain throughout the Public parks of the city.
  • Wine Festival (Vinos de Chile): Hosted at the Plaza San Francisco Hotel every March, the festival showcases 30 of the vineyards around Santiago and includes tastings and entertaining events spread across a whole week.
  • Easter: Celebrated in April, Easter is celebrated in churches around Santiago with deep faith and love.
  • Independence Day: To celebrate their independence from Spain in 1850, the Independence day is held in September with huge parades and loads of places to party and drink.

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