Best Things To Do in Santillana Del Mar, Spain

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  • Altamira Caves: The most important place to visit in Santillana Del Mar, Cantabria, this cave site and museum exhibits the Palaeolithic remains and traces of Altamira man and their artistry. It is located about 2kms from the town.
  • Collegiata de Santa Juliana: A beautiful Romanesque church, the Collegiate church houses the relics of Saint Juliana.
  • Museo Jesus Otero: A museum housing the works of Cantabrian sculptor Jesus Otero. Experience the best of what Cantabria tourism has to offer at this museum.
  • Museo de la Inquisicion el Solar/ El Museo de la Tortura: A museum exhibiting the appliances used to torture men during the inquisition period.
  • Zoo De Santillana: The zoological park of the town with different animal species from various continents of the world.


  • Guided Tours: Calle de Santo Domingo- A walking tour around the one of the most beautiful streets of Santillana Del Mar. Calle Santo Domingo, Santillana del Mar, Spain.

Below we have a list of things to do in Santillana Del Mar and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Santillana Del Mar getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Santillana Del Mar

Here is the list of things to do in Santillana Del Mar and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Collegiate Church Of Santillana Del Mar

    Church, Religious Site, Observatory, Historical Site

    Built by the monks in 12th century, this Romanesque Church dates back to 870 AD.A monastery turned into collegiate church, this place is said to be the home to the remains of Santa Juliana. The temple, which is the largest in all of the Cantabrian coast, consists of three naves, three semi-circular apses built in the style of Fromista, a dome, transept and tower. While the apses and the transep...Read more
  2. Museum Of The Inquisition

    4.1 (403 Votes)
    Museum Of The Inquisition

    Museum, History Museum, Observatory, Exhibition

    A small museum displaying instruments of torture used during the Inquisition period and for a long time after. Gruesome equipment used to hurt and torture people are exhibited. Some of the things to see include: A range of torture devices used over the years with their explanations.
  3. Casa Del Marques De Santillana

    Hotel, Palace, Food And Drinks

    This palace turned five star hotel was once the residence of Marques of Santillana. It is believed that Dona Leonor de la Vega, mother of Lopez de Medonza lived here. The elegant palace is a fifteenth century gothic house, which is now restored and open for the visitors to stay.
  4. Plaza Mayor De Ramon Y Pelayo

    Outdoors, Market, Shopping Center, Architecture

    This historic plaza has some exemplary medieval architecture. Known as the market place or the commercial center of Santillana Del Mar from the thirteenth century, this place is enclosed with many important buildings from the locality. A few attractions are: Torre de don Borja (FundacionSantillana) La Torre del Merino (la Torrona) Palacio Barreda-Bracho (which is now known as the Parador Gil B...Read more
  5. Zoo De Santillana

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    Zoo De Santillana

    Outdoors, Zoo, Entertainment

    Running for about 38 years, this is the only Zoo around the Cantabria area. Located in the outskirts of Santillana del Mar, this is a small zoo with a good number of animal species from various continents. A few must see wildlife beings are: Black and White Colobus Dwarf Crocodile Mongolian Horses Tigers Wolves Orangutans Extremely talkative parrot One can see the owner running around attendi...Read more
  6. Calle De Juan Infante

    Outdoors, Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Market

    This medieval looking place with fine architecture is one of the most famous streets for tourists. It is known for alluring bars, restaurants and shops that sell souvenirs and craft items. The street, which is known to be one of the two main streets of the ancient has old stoned buildings with balconies. The street is pedestrian friendly and gives you the feel of walking across a street back in...Read more
  7. Museo Del Barquillero

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    Museo Del Barquillero

    Museum, Specialty Shop, Specialty Museum

    It is a small two-storeyed building located in the House of Archduchess Margaret of Austria. Several wafer trade products like old toys, sculptures, musical scores, plates and other cutlery are exhibited in the museum. The ground floor is a small kiosk that sells sweets, gifts, toys and a range of liquor and waffles. Situated in the first floor up a flight of narrow staircase, a museum displayi...Read more
  8. Zoologico Y Parque Cuaternario De Santillana Del Mar

    Outdoors, Park, Wildlife Park, Zoo

    Also known as Quaternary Park, this part of the zoo recreates the wildlife that existed 14,000 years ago. It is a replica of all flora and fauna species that existed in and around Altamira caves. Spread around 32,000 sq. metres, it has replicas of mammals like European bison, boars, chipmunks, Prezwalski horses and European otters. The birds and their remains are categorized based on their livi...Read more
  9. Calle De Santo Domingo

    Outdoors, Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Cafe

    It is one of the two main streets in Santillana Del Mar. The Diocesan museum is located in this street. Like other constructions, Calle De Santo Domingo is medieval-looking with old stoned buildings with tiny balconies have metal railings from which creepers and potted plants peek out, giving it an exquisite beauty.There are many cafes, tiny restaurants and souvenir shops that cater to the need...Read more
  10. Cobreces Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Water Sport, Picnic Spot

    Small hidden beach in the Cantabrian coast is what this place comprises of. Located between Santillana del Mar and Comillas, this beach has clean sand, moderate waves and is perfect for swimming. It also provides an excellent landscaped for dusk photography.
  11. Santa Justa Hermitage

    Outdoors, Beach

    The hermitage is built into cove along the beach. It has a chapel of Santa Justa which can be entered through a slippery path. The door is locked. However, one can see the interiors from the window on the door. It is said that that this hermitage was inhabited by a hermit from the 8th century. After fleeing from the invasion of Seville. During the sixteenth century, Ambrosio Morales, a priest a...Read more
  12. Taller Estudio De Ceramica

    Art Museum, Arts And Crafts, Exhibition , Specialty Shop

    Started in 1979, this is a place for handmade ceramics like jars, mugs, plates and other household items. Decoration items like Romanesque sculpture, mythological figurines and folk costumes are also available for exhibition and sale. Processing and renewal methods are open to the sight for the visitors at the public workshops. Also, there is a separate packaging section for the wrapping of pro...Read more
  13. Museo Y Venta De Antiguedades

    Museum, Arts And Crafts, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    A small stone-built place for antique and collectible lovers, this museum is a private museum. It has a collectionof antique pieces belonging to various eras, and having diverse styles. These antiques dated back to a long time in the history of Cantabria.
  14. Palacio Barreda Peredo

    Observatory, Palace

    Situated on Calle Santa Domingo, this graceful palace is better than any other houses of the Barreda family. Built by Francisco Miguel de Peredo in the early 18th century, the palace is a square plan with two-storeys and a hip roof. The balconies are built with iron cast railings over stone pedestals; shields and weapons of the Peredo can be noticed between the two doors. It is also known as Pa...Read more
  15. House Of The Hombrones

    Outdoors, Observatory, Architecture

    Down the street of Canton, we come across this stunning monument. It is a baroque villa located opposite the museum of inquisition. It is a rectangular building with two storeys and a hip-styled roof, where all the sides slope down from a single meeting place on top, towards the walls. The stone facade faces the street and the portico has four arches supporting two entrances. The architecture o...Read more