Elia Restaurant, Santorini

  • Address: Port of Pythagorio, Samos Island 831 03, Santorini, Greece
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Elia Restaurant, Santorini Reviews

  • Good food, shame about the service. Calamari starter was very good. Polished off in a couple of minutes. Then took another 20 for one of the four waiters to clear our starters after we'd finished. And only because our 1 year old started to get impatient and throw plates on the floor. When in Rome... Swordfish main was average, but the ladies chicken kebabs were great. It was the service which was the let down. Three were too cool for school, and seemed like they really wanted to be somewhere else, lazy good for nothings. It was the one younger bloke who was working hard, attentive and did everything.with a smile on his face. He deserves a raise!

  • Excellent service, quiet and with wonderful jazz music playing in the background. Visit when others are having their siesta or 'cooking' under the sun to enjoy the view onto the port as much as the food! Reasonable prices 😉

  • Exquisite dishes made and served by the friendliest, funny, and kindhearted staff. I've ate here many times over the past two months and every time, the food was very consistent, beautifully presented, and served fast. I was always too excited to start eating so I forgot to take photos- but I would definitely recommend their dishes: -Risotto (all of them are wonderful) -Seafood (fish, shrimp, mussels) -Salads (can't go wrong with any of them) -Chef's mushrooms -Fava -Meatballs -Baked Aubergine -Tigania (pork/chicken) It can get very busy past 7pm because of its popularity, but you can always go earlier or make a reservation 🙂

  • Amazing food and really large portions worthy for its price

  • Excellent food, excellent atmosphere and staff at the idyllic town of Pythagoreio!

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