How to Reach Santorini


  • By Air: The domestic Airport is near Fira and you can get flights to this place from Athens and some other major cities. It is best to arrange hotel transfer in advance.
  • By Sea: From the port of Piraeus (Athens) to the new port of Athinos Santorini, 9 hours or 7 hours of journey will take you to Santorini. The best and quickest sea travel is on high-speed catamarans and takes around 5 hours.
  • By Ship/ Cruiseliner: You will be able to dock at the Old Port in Fira. Travelling by sea is weather dependent, especially in winter.


  • By Bus: You will find buses to all the towns but from there on you will need to walk from there onwards. Also, buses are not always on time here.
  • Car Rentals: You can rent a car but you will need an international license and the traffic is quite erratic, so avoid this as far as possible.
  • By Scooters and Quad Bikes: These are the best way to get around the island on your own. You will easily get them on hire and it shouldn’t be a problem getting around on them either.
  • By Taxis: There aren’t many taxis so it is better to reserve a guide and a taxi in advance during the planning stage of your visit. But this is a convenient and easy way to travel.
  • Hiking or walking: Hiking or walking is ideal when exploring sites like the ancient Thira or Akrotiri.