Ptolemeos Hotel, Santorini

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Address: Thera 847 00, Greece

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About Ptolemeos Hotel, Santorini

Ptolemeos Hotel is in Santorini, Greece. You can explore Ptolemeos Hotel with this list of things to do in Santorini once you have zeroed in on the Ptolemeos Hotel.

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In case you are a solo traveller or run into emergency at the Ptolemeos Hotel, refer to these nearby public safety stations and pharmacies. Your safety is our topmost priority. If you run out of cash, these are nearby ATM and Banks. For a road trip to Ptolemeos Hotel, these are the gas stations where you can refill and you can park your cars in these parking lot in Ptolemeos Hotel.

Travelling by foot is the best way to explore Ptolemeos Hotel, here is a list of public transport like bus station and railway station to aid you in exploring Ptolemeos Hotel on foot.

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  • Name: Ζαιρησ Address: 845 00 Μεσαριά Κυκλάδων
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  • Name: Avocado Address: Ημεροβίγλι
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  • Name: Antama Address: Μεσαριά
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  • Name: Volcano Blue Address: -
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  • Name: 1500 Bc - ΡΟΓΚΑΒΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ Δ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ Address: Φηρά
    Distance: 0.405 km away
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  • Name: The Bone Address: Κεντρικός δρόμος Φηρών-Ημεροβιγλίου
    Distance: 0.633 km away
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  • Name: Shell Address: Καρτεράδος
    Distance: 1.476 km away
  • Name: Εκο Address: Καρτεράδος
    Distance: 2.73 km away
  • Name: Βενζιναδικο Εκο - Φυτροσ Γρηγορησ - Ημεροβιγλι Θηρα Address: ΗΜΕΡΟΒΙΓΛΙ
    Distance: 2.002 km away
  • Name: Σ. Φουστερησ Και Σια Οε Address: ΚΑΡΤΕΡΑΔΟΣ
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  • Name: Εκο - Φυτροσ Τζωρτζησ & Σια Address: ΠΥΡΓΟΣ
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  • Name: Vinsanto Villas Address: ΗΜΕΡΟΒΙΓΛΙ
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  • Name: Irini's Villas Address: Ημεροβίγλι
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  • Name: Villa Soula Address: Φηρά
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  • Name: Merovigliosso Apartments Address: Ημεροβίγλι
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  • Name: Sunny Villas Address: Ημεροβίγλι
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  • Name: Pension Stella Address: -
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Ptolemeos Hotel, Santorini Reviews

  • The room was really clean, clean towels every day and best position, 5 minutes by foot from the bus station

  • Very nice owners

  • The onwer/receptionist (not quite sure which) is an old nice guy but the place is also old and not great value for money. It was just a one night stay and we didn't try the breakfast so can't say mich about that. The aparment was ok and clean, but the fridge made quite alot of noise when the engine running. The towels of the toilet were really hard and very unpleasant to use also. In brief didn't like it.

  • Not far from the center of Fira, bus station and Carrefour, clean room,but wifi is slow

  • Amazing in every way@!

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