Santorini Donkey, Santorini

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Address: fira santorini 847 00, Greece

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Santorini Donkey, Santorini Reviews

  • Would rate 0 stars if I could. The donkeys are hazardous and leave no room for pedestrian traffic going down the stairs. I would estimate these guys have about 80 donkeys operating on these stairs! At one point my wife and I were wedged between the "parked" donkeys and those coming up the stairs. There was also a girl whose leg was smashed between her ride and the parked donkeys. On top of all this there is fresh and dried donkey s@#* all down the stairs. With such a great view this should be 5 stars but it's sadly 0.

  • I walked down to the bottom saw all the donkeys, and got the chair lift back up to the top. (Careful walking here as you will come across a lot of donkey urine and droppings) I felt sorry for the donkeys so I didn’t use them.

  • Unique experience, but I do hope they are well treated.

  • Absolute animal cruelty. These creatures are forced to go up and down a huge cliff under hot sun. No water to be seen. Please don't be ridiculous and make the animals suffer for a stupid selfie!

  • This place is fantastic. Totally unique. Didn't ride the donkey down but walked with a few. The great thing was there was workers following the donkeys up and down cleaning up their droppings, so at least you could concentrate on the stunning view.

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