Best Time To Visit Sapanca

Best Time To Go To Sapanca

The climate in Sapanca is usually warm and temperate with an average temperature of around 15 degree Celsius. Significant amount of rainfall is expected throughout the year, even in the dry months.

  • Winter: The weather is usually the coldest from November to February with temperatures being around 5 degree Celsius on an average. December sees the maximum amount of rainfall throughout the year.
  • Spring: The mercury starts rising a little and the weather becomes cool and comfortable from the months of March to May. There is a small decrease in the precipitation levels.
  • Summer: June to August is summer season with the temperatures being around 20 degree Celsius on an average. Comparatively rainfall is least during this period.
  • Autumn: The temperature starts dropping as September approaches and rainfall chances start increasing. October also has the same kind of weather till the onset of winter.

The best time to visit Sapanca is ideally during the Spring and Summer seasons. The weather is usually very pleasant during this period and chances of rainfall are also fewer. Though be warned that this is peak season, and large crowds are expected during this period.

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