Events and Festivals in Sapporo-shi

Most of the festivals in Sapporo converge during the month of February.

The highlights are: 

  • Sapporo Snow festival: Held in February every year, the snow festival is a week long festival when larger than life ice and snow sculptures are made and showcased throughout the city for everyone to admire. From Darth Vader to Anime characters- the sculptures get quiet creative and are lit till 11.00 pm. Tsu- Dome Site is a favorite spot too.
  • Jozankei Onsen Snow Light Path festival: Celebrated in succession to the snow festival, the Snow Light Path festival is when the whole city’s pathways are lit up with candles in the snow after sun-down (some of the locals make snow lanterns to accommodate the candles). Don’t miss the Otaru Canal during this festival!
  • Sapporo Beer fest (July - August): The month long beer festival is known for breweries which open tents around the city to offer lip-smacking brews from afternoon to 10.00 pm.

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