Best Things To Do in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Sarajevo is home to many different religions throughout for centuries, and is well recognized for its cultural diversity. It has mosques, Catholic churches, Orthodox churches and synagogue located in same neighborhood. The city is famous for its museums which portray the culture,  and history of Sarajevo.

  • Old City: The old city is full of oriental style shops, mosques, church, and synagogue which are very unique in its own way.
  • Latin Bridge: The location is the assassination point of Archduke of the Austrian Hungarian Empire Franz Ferdinand, which sparked the beginning of First World War.
  • Yellow Fortress: The fortress provides excellent view of the city. White marble cemeteries are reminder to those who lost their lives in the tragic wars, are located in the eastern part of the city.
  • Museums: Bosnian Historical Museum, National Museum, Sarajevo tunnel Museum, Sarajevo City Museum, Sarajevo Art Gallery are some the famous museums in city which exhibits the tradition and cultural memoirs.
  • Religious Places: The Stara Pravoslavna Crkva (Old Orthodox Church), Careva dzamija (Emperor’s Mosque), Begova dzamija (Bey’s Mosque), Crkva Sv. Ante (St. Anthony church) are the prominent religious places in city. Bey’s mosque is built in medieval Ottoman architecture, is one of the most beautiful and biggest mosque in city.
  • Basaarsija: It is Sarajevo’s old bazaar, built in 15th century and main tourist’s attraction. It located on northern bank of Miljacka River.
  • Bjelasnica: Bjelašnica is a mountain located southwest of Sarajevo. It is popular for mountain Biking and forms a base for paragliding activity. Numerous trails are set up by the local mountain clubs. 
  • Best to Buy: BH craft is near Bey’s Mosque, which has lovely handmade products, clothing, accessories, home decor items, and souvenirs’.

Below we have a list of things to do in Sarajevo and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Sarajevo getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Sarajevo

Here is the list of things to do in Sarajevo and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Yellow Fortress

    4.6 (1135 Votes)
    Yellow Fortress

    Outdoors, View Point, Hiking Trail, Ancient Ruin

    Barely a fort anymore, this place is a remnant of one. Still it affords very nice views of the city; an excellent vantage point. It was built under the Ottomans but apparently didn’t gather much importance under it’s belt – because it’s not heavily advertised. It’s only time of significance during the year is the Ramadan, when the cannon at the fort is fired over t...Read more
  2. Sarajevo War Tunnel

    4.5 (955 Votes)
    Sarajevo War Tunnel

    Historical Site, War Memorial, Architecture , Tunnel

    A real life war tunnel! How exciting is that? Built during the Bosnian War, and during the Siege of Sarajevo, the tunnel had multiple purposes; It linked a neighbourhood within the siege to one outside. It allowed the city defenders to circumvent the arms embargo. It allowed food and medical supplied into the city. It allowed people to escape into a UN controlled area. Allowed telecommunicatio...Read more
  3. Bascarsija

    Mosque, Library, Walking Area, Market

    The Orient, Persia and Europe couldn’t have mixed better than this. This 16th century bazaar was once twice its current formidable size; a fire in the 19th century burned half of it down. It’s surrounded on all sides by magnificent Islamic architecture. He had a bridge built across the Miljacka so a new economic centre could be built – this was followed up with the building of...Read more
  4. Latin Bridge

    4.6 (1134 Votes)
    Latin Bridge

    View Point, Bridge, Historical Site

    This is a completely unremarkable bridge that spans over the Miljacka (though it’s one of the oldest in the city), except for one startling detail: if you stood at the northern end of the bridge and could look back in time to June 29 1914, then you’d see the event that led to the break out of WWI happen under your very nose! Yep, this is where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinat...Read more
  5. Gallery 11-07-95

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery, War Memorial

    Memorial galleries are often given sombre sounding names, but when one carries the date itself as it’s title, the solemnity is that much harsher. Visit then, this memory to the Srebenica Genocide – testament to the failure of not og human compassion, but human promise. The UN, which has declared the area a safe zone in 1993,did nothing in 1995 when Gen. Mladicand his Army of Republi...Read more
  6. Vrelo Bosne

    4.6 (972 Votes)
    Vrelo Bosne

    Outdoors, Park, River, Picnic Spot

    The locals have been coming around to this lovely little natural retreat for over a hundred years now, and in that time, it’s gained enough popularity to be hailed as one of the country’s top natural beuties. And to think that the NosnianWarcould have taken all that away; the trees here were indiscrimantely chopped down of rheating, and if not fotr the efforts of a team of youth eco...Read more
  7. Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque

    4.8 (452 Votes)
    Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque

    Mosque, Religious Site, Architecture

    This is straight up the most important mosque in the country. Its Ottoman architectural style was very daring when first built and is even now considered one of the finest in the world. Things to note include: Multiple domes Glass and rock ornamentation The twice restored arabesque. Stalactite ornamentation under the dome. Polychromatic decoration and a use of natural light to create a gr...Read more
  8. Sacred Heart Cathedral

    4.6 (1004 Votes)
    Sacred Heart Cathedral

    Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    It wouldn’t be that special a place compared to other European Cathedrals, but thanks to its location in an open square surrounded by cafe’s, restaurants and shops, the Cathedral manages to hold it’s own with its classically Gothic Architecture. Its pretty and serene inside – nothing complicated. Pope John Paul II served mass here in 1997, so that’s one claim to fa...Read more
  9. Historical Museum Of Bosnia And Herzegovina

    History Museum

    Originally called the Museum of Revolution, the place has revised its priorities to trace the history of the country as a whole – from the coming of the first Slavs, the Ottoman rule, the Austro-Hungarian rule, right up to the present. That’s all in the downstairs exhibition though. It’s the upstairs, that’ll really fascinate though, with its focus on the four years of t...Read more
  10. Jewish Museum Of Bosnia And Herzegovina

    Religious Site, Museum, Synagogue

    The building in which this museum is housed is the oldest synagogue in the country. The synagogue itself only came about because the Ottoman Empire embraced the Jews driven out of Spain in 1492. Ironic then that the land, which had given them so warm a welcome, became a Jewish nightmare under the Nazi influence and the 14000 strong community had to flee or be killed. That’s the story that...Read more
  11. Svrzo's House

    4.7 (624 Votes)
    Svrzo's House


    This house is Sarajevo’s version of a trip through time attraction. Built entirely out of wood in the 18th century, it’s kept its original structure and style; true representation of a Muslim civilisation gone with the wind. It was once owned by a wealthy Muslim family (the Glodjo Family) and the evidence of their traditions and styles has been very carefully preserved. The informat...Read more
  12. Ago


    Food And Drinks, Dine In, Entertainment

    Ago Fast Food Pizzeria is a popular place among locals. For those who come with real low budget and want to have the best of local flavor, can definitely visit this pizzeria in Sarajevo. Although the price is cheap; the quality of pizza, pancake and desserts is highly palatable. The place is often crowded and a lot of locals and foreigners can be found here. This happens to be by far the most a...Read more
  13. Sarajevo International Airport Image
    Sarajevo International Airport (IATA: SJJ, ICAO: LQSA) is the main international airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the suburb of Butmir, 10 km (6.2 mi) southwest of the city center of Sarajevo. The airport is the hub for B&H Airlines and a base for Air Serbia.The airport has one runway, measuring 2,700 m (8,858 ft) in length. It is capable of handling aircraft up to the size o...Read more
  14. Old City
    The old city is full of oriental style shops, mosques, church, and synagogue which are very unique in its own way.
  15. The Stara Pravoslavna Crkva
    this  are  prominent religious places in city. Bey’s mosque is built in medieval Ottoman architecture, is one of the most beautiful and biggest mosque in city.