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Sarasota is one of the most popular cities of Florida. It is the cultural center of West Central Florida and is known worldwide for its colorful art culture, yummy food, cheerful people, fantastic shopping and of course most importantly are the mesmerizing beaches that attract most of the tourists to the place again and again. These are known as the beaches of extraordinary beauty and the whitest sand on Earth.

A Sarasota holiday is a mixture of everything with the perfect combination of urban as well as country life. In other words it is where urban life merges with the simple country people. The city is like a party and the theme is culture. Wherever you go you see colors, art and history enriching your mind and souls. The number of theatres such as the Asolo Theatre, Florida West Coast Theatre Company, Sarasota Opera, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and so many more make it a prime place for artists as well as art enthusiasts come here often.

One part of the city is filled with sky scrapers, large spick and span offices, multiple shopping arenas with the most modern infrastructure and upscale collections, posh restaurants, art galleries for the pioneers and many such pictures of extreme urbanity. On the other hand you find the simple people still in touch with yesteryear styles and traditions keeping history alive here. The shops selling local stuffs, the traditional cuisines, the culture, the art all are so lively. The best part that is common to people of both the groups is the blessings of nature on this city in the form of the beautiful beaches with silvery sands and clear blue water. It is so good to see that people here are very much aware of cleanliness and they realize the importance of their natural heritage. The Siesta Beach is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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