Best Things To Do in Scarborough, United Kingdom

Are you looking for what to do in Scarborough?

  • Peasholm Park
  • Stephen Joseph Theatre
  • North Bay Railway
  • Scarborough Castle
  • Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary
  • The Scarborough Fair Collection
  • Scarborough Beach
  • Scarborough to Whitby Rail Trail
  • South Cliff Italian Gardens
  • Scarborough Open Air Theatre
  • YMCA Theatre
  • Military Adventure Park
  • Rotunda Museum
  • St Mary's Church

Below we have a list of things to do in Scarborough and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Scarborough getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Scarborough with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Scarborough

Here is the list of things to do in Scarborough and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Peasholm Park

    4.6 (347 Votes)
    Peasholm Park

    Park, Walking Area, Entertainment, Boating

    Peasholm Park is a real treat for every nature lover. The majestic gardens and trails make it a perfect destination for romantic walks and family excursions alike. The park is teeming with rare foliage that adds the right colours to its ubiquitous tranquillity. Beautiful bridges, pagoda temple and gardens surrounding the lake all resonate with the Japanese theme which pervades Peasholm Park. It...Read more
  2. Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

    Aquarium, Entertainment

    The Scarborough SEA LIFE sanctuary takes the marine life experience beyond your typical aquarium-ish tours. At the sanctuary, you’ll practically be face to face with feared sharks, timid turtles and spirited seals. Take an easy paced walk in the underwater tunnel with the kids and spend the day in themed sections of the sanctuary that houses jelly fish, sharks, rays, otters, penguins, sea...Read more
  3. Scarborough Castle

    Ancient Ruin, Castle, Historical Site, Architecture

    The Scarborough Castle has been a site for settlement since the Iron Age and, later on, some Anglo-Scandinavians squatted here once upon a time. A medieval royal rock fortress situated on a steep cliff, the Brits can’t shut up about it! the Castle is a monument of national importance for the English. The site has seen phases of development and decline for roughly 3000 years. The edifice w...Read more
  4. Stephen Joseph Theatre Or Sjt

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery, Entertainment, Performance

    Radiating an old world charm, the SJT was the first ‘in the round’ theatre in Britain. Today the theatre attracts audiences from around the globe. With a seating arrangement that’s so close around the stage, you’re practically a part of the play! Don’t be surprised to find people in the first row occasionally moving their feet to make way for the actors. That&rsquo...Read more
  5. Military Adventure Park Or Map

    Park, Adventure, Games

    This one is not to be missed! Military Adventure Camp makes for a great group activity. Even if you are in Scarborough for a day, check out the MAP. What’s the first thing that comes to mind at the sound of a Military adventure park? An Obstacle Course, of course! The 55 ft. inflatable assault course at MAP is packed with challenging rock climbs and drop slides. Mini Tanks – Visito...Read more
  6. Scarborough Fair Collection

    Entertainment, Fair

    Scarborough happens to be a town in touch with its past. At the Scarborough Fair Collection, the past is kept up and running in the best possible way. The displays at Scarborough Fair Collection showcase steam engines and musical organs that were part of Graham Atkinson’s unique collection. A classic case of a hobby gone quite out of hand, the collection now stands at a staggering four st...Read more
  7. Rotunda Museum

    Natural History Museum

    If dinosaurs and geological history is your thing, you will find the Rotunda Museum to be quite a treasure trove of a place. Built in 1829, the Rotunda is the oldest purpose built museum, that is to say it was designed specifically to be a museum. A basic guided tour, free of charge, will introduce you to the museum and put things in context. This is a relatively small museum that houses over 5...Read more
  8. Scarborough To Whitby Rail Trail

    Trail, Biking Trail, Walking Area, Historical Site

    The 21 mile railway line was built in 1885. Owned privately in the beginning, the railroad did not turn out to be a financial success. Well, one man’s loss is another’s gain. It was bought by North Eastern Railway in 1898 until eventually it was no longer in use. Today it is used as a footpath and cycle path and is open to the public. The trail covers stations from Scarborough, Clou...Read more
  9. St Mary's Church

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    A stunning parish church located in the heart of Scarborough, St. Mary’s Church is considered to be built in the 12th century. The church can be seen high above the old town near the famous Scarborough Castle. Before it was destroyed during the English Civil War, St. Mary’s Church was a huge building with two big towers. However, after its destruction, the church was rebuilt in the ...Read more
  10. Alpamare Uk

    4.2 (2 Votes)
    Alpamare Uk

    Water Park, Entertainment

    Ask anyone about the best family-fun place in Scarborough and they will suggest you just one name- Alpamare UK. Located at North Bay, Burniston Road in Scarborough, Alpamare UK offers plenty of fun for your family with the help of its relaxing pools, exhilarating slides, Alpine-style wellness center, and a huge area with awesome rides and aqua fun for kids. The main highlights of Alpamare UK ar...Read more
  11. Oliver's Mount


    Offering fantastic views of the Scarborough town, Oliver’s Mount is one of the most popular spots among the photographers and adventure enthusiasts holidaying in Scarborough. Not only this, Oliver’s Mount is home to a number of camping sites, a monument tributing the war veterans, a rugby league pitch, 10 football fields, a cafe, a school, and most importantly a race track for motor...Read more
  12. Italian Gardens


    Perched on Scarborough’s south cliff, Italian Gardens offer some of the most picturesque views for the nature lovers in the city. A set of landscaped gardens, the Italian Gardens are the work of early 20th century and the credit of this beautiful design goes to Harry W Smith who is regarded as one of the most celebrated landscape designers in the country. There are well-paved trails insid...Read more
  13. YMCA Theatre

    4.5 (92 Votes)
    YMCA Theatre

    Entertainment, Theatre

    The YMCA theatre makes for an intimate theatre experience. Part of the YMCA Leisure Centre, the theatre is home to some very high quality amateur productions. The theatre is very well maintained and has a seating space of 290. It also has fully equipped back stage facilities for the actors. The very talented very young actors strike a chord with their audience thanks to their exuberant stage pr...Read more
  14. North Bay Railway

    4.6 (164 Votes)
    North Bay Railway

    Entertainment, Train Ride

    Don’t you dare miss the North Bay Railway! It’s nothing less than a freaking trip through time.and be transported into time by its vintage miniature train experience, and picturesque railroads overlooking the spectacular Scarborough seaside. Built in 1931, the 20 inches gauge North Bay Railway is one of the oldest miniature coastal railways in the country. It made its first journey ...Read more
  15. Scarborough Open Air Theatre
    With a seating capacity of 6500, SOAT happens to be the largest open air theatre in Europe. After an impressive renovation of £ 3 million, SOAT opened to audiences in 2010 and since then, the likes of Elton John, Kiri Ti-Kanawa, Leona Lewis, Jessie J, Boyzone and many more have graced the stage at SOAT annually. SOAT hosts performances from March to September every year, giving audiences ...Read more