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Named after SedonaArabella Miller Schnebly, the wife of Theodore Carlton Schnebly, the city's first postmaster, this city in Arizona is a red marvel during sunrise and sunset. Known for its beautiful red sandstones rock formations and beautiful play of light, Sedono is a dessert dream destinations for travellers across the globe. Hire a bicycle or gear up on that mountaineering equipment that is lying dusty in your garage to explore nature’s rare charm and its divine magnanimity.

The modern Sedona is a tourismcapital. Locals are the perfect hosts for the amateur travellers and the place itself merges into the urban city rather than take a toll on it. If you are not an adventure junkie, then the annual festivals that are hosted here are perfect for that holiday- Sedona Film Festival and Sedona Jazz festival are known for inviting a crowd to the city in huge numbers! The place is also known for its huge art pulse that grows with every visit. The city boasts of more than 100 art galleries in its vicinity!

The perfect destination to add to your travel itinerary, Sedona is sure to make you want to come back to Arizona again and again.

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