How to Reach Sedona


  • By Air: The Sedona Airport is close to the city eventhough the smallest. The nearest major airport, Phoenix is however preferred more.
  • By Car: Driving to Sedona is preferred if you are travelling from Phoenix (90 minutes ride) and from Flagstaff. Sedona has highway connectivity all the nearby cities and towns and the Village of Oak Creek is located 7 miles away from the red city.


  • Rent a Bike or Car: Sedona is best explored by a rented Bike or Car. This makes it easier to access the outskirts and the beautiful mountainous terrain that it is so popular for.
  • By Walking: Walking is preferred as Sedona is a pretty small town.
  • By Tourist shuttles: ArizonaShuttles that connect the town is the best way to explore Sedona without renting a bike or car.
Route Distance Time
Cottonwood to Sedona 28.19 km 28 mins
Fountain hills to Sedona 52.25 km 52 mins
Scottsdale to Sedona 59.76 km 59 mins
Mesa to Sedona 60.54 km 1 hour 59 mins
Tempe to Sedona 62.92 km 1 hour 2 mins
Grand canyon village to Sedona 64.79 km 1 hour 4 mins
Chandler to Sedona 65.15 km 1 hour 5 mins
Queen creek to Sedona 68.07 km 1 hour 8 mins
Phoenix to Sedona 68.69 km 1 hour 8 mins
Glendale to Sedona 72.79 km 1 hour 12 mins