15 Best Things To Do in Sedona, Arizona

On your trip to the West Coast of the United States, when you visit the state of Arizona when you make an essential visit to Grand Canyon of Colorado, you have the option of planning a visit to the Sedona region. There are many places that one can visit and enjoy. In this guide piece, you will find the 15 best places to visit in Sedona.

Sedona is a small holiday town located at the end of a valley, in a beautiful area of landscapes where lush vegetation is mixed with rocky mountains of reddish earth.These landscapes will remind you of many western films, which is another reason to pack your bags and rush to this place.

The wide variety of accommodations in Sedona can satisfy almost any taste and pocket. In several of the luxurious recreational centers, they will satisfy even your smallest whim. you will also find a wide selection of pleasant hotels, motels, and lodging with breakfast in houses. In addition, there are camping areas on the shore of Oak Creek. This range of accommodations is just one of the many attributes that make Sedona the ideal starting point for excursions to nearby attractions, such as the Gran Caíón, Native American reservations, and several archaeological sites in the area.

The fabulous restaurants in Sedona range from fast food to gourmet-style foods and offer a wide variety of dining experiences. Pleasant Cafeterias serve espresso, cappuccino and delicious freshly baked pastries, romantic restaurants with award-winning chefs, creative menus, while small restaurants boast abundant selections of international dishes, from tacos and sushi to vegetarian food or cowboy-style grilled steaks.

Here's the list of Sedona points of interest and 15 best things to do in Sedona:

1. Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

Going down from Flagstaff to Sedona you will go through the canyon of Oak Creek Canyon, a valley through which the road runs along the river and you will see some of the most beautiful landscapes of this area. It is in this area where you can see the "film landscapes" that characterize the Sedona region, and that so many visitors attracts. You will go along a winding road between leafy forests and reddish mountains.

2. Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock

Tourist attractions in SedonaImage Source: wikipedia.org

From the city of Sedona, a route known as the Red Rock Scenic Byway goes east, which will lead you to possibly the two most famous Rocky Mountains in the region, Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock.

These mountains are icons of the Sedona region and in its surroundings, you can take a hiking trip.

3. Chapel of the Holy Cross

Chapel of the Holy Cross - ImageImage Source: wikipedia.org

In one of the mountains that surround Sedona, very close to the city, you find a curious enclave, the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

It is a building built on the side of a rocky mountain, from which you have the best panoramic views of Sedona and its valley. This small Catholic chapel with an original modern architecture, which is embedded in the reddish mountain, was built in 1956 and shows its greatest splendor during the sunset. The cross-shaped front has a large window that allows the entry of a large amount of light inside. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is very close to the city of Sedona.

4. Jerome, a typical western mining town

Sedona attractionsImage Source: wikimedia.org

47 kilometers south of Sedona you find Jerome, an old mining town that dates back to 1876. Located on the side of a mountain, its main street maintains the typical atmosphere of a typical western town. Jerome was raised in 1899 from an old mining camp and reached great importance in Arizona until in 1953 the copper mine that gave the economic boom was closed. After passing a period of decline, Jerome has now become a community of artists.

5. Volcano Sunset Crater

While it is not in the Sedona Valley, on the way from the north to the same, specifically, just 30 kilometers north of Flagstaff, you can visit a curious volcanic mountain considered a national monument. It is the Sunset Crater Volcano, where you can see a totally volcanic landscape.

In this natural setting, the contrast of reddish colors of sulfur and oxidized iron stands out, with the black of lava ash that covers most of the terrain that surrounds the mountain.

6. Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

It is one of Sedona's main attractions. Visiting this state park is worth it especially in summer when you can take a dip or go tubing down the falls of the stream. It is located in the Oak Creek Canyon, 7 km north of Sedona, and being a state park, is not included in the annual passes as "America the Beautiful", the entrance price varies depending on the calendar: between $ 20 and 30 $ per vehicle (up to 4 people) between May and September and $ 10 between October and April.

7. Red Rock State Park

The reason why many Americans come to Sedona to spend a few days is this state park. If you have already visited Monument Vally, Arches, Canyonlands. you probably will not be impressed, but give it a try, maybe it will surprise you. As its name suggests, it is an area of red rock mountains and whimsical formations (like the imposing Cathedral Rock), crossed by multiple paths for all kinds of people. Admission is $ 7 per person.

8. Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

In reality, it is a commercial zone, but it has been built following the model of a Mexican town, with its cobbled streets, its patios, its vines hanging from the roofs and its arches. Here, a large number of art galleries and artists' workshops are concentrated, so it is a good place to disconnect a bit from the routes through nature.

9. V-Bar-V Heritage Site

In this place, there are a total of 1,032 petroglyphs engraved in rock, which is related to the pre-Columbian Sinagua culture, and date from the years 1150-1400 of our era. The forms represent, in their majority, animals, and humans, although geometric forms are also found (but nothing of extraterrestrial or giant birds, pity). To enter you will need the Red Rock Pass (from $ 5 per day) or America the Beautiful.

10. Montezuma Castle

If you still have not opened your mouth in astonishment, surely in front of this castle you cannot resist more. Because it is not any castle, of those to which we are accustomed in Spain or France, this is an adobe building built on a cliff 30 meters above the ground, in a kind of natural cave. Its construction dates from the year 1,100 and, although it bears the name of the last Aztec ruler, it has nothing to do with it. As a curiosity tell you that it was the third place considered a national monument of the United States, in the year 1906.

11. Sedona Mago Retreat

It is a yoga center and a place to make spiritual retreats. Throughout these years, its operation has been quite controversial and has been subject to many criticisms, although its principles are as admirable as peace in the universe. Its founder is Ilchi Lee, a Korean who settled in the late twentieth century in Sedona and where he teaches his training methods. Besides all this, the site is pretty cool

12. Berry Divine Acai Bowls

Once you have enjoyed Unity of Sedona, visit this bar, which is not far away. The acai bowls berry divine cooks go the extra mile to give their customers some tasty sandwiches, a homemade chicken and some amazing meat pies. Enjoy a good time here and share their well-prepared acai bowls, their perfectly made frozen yogurt and their enticing ice cream with your friends.

13. Pump House Station

If you feel hungry after enjoying Otter Island, visit this restaurant for dinner. Enjoy the amazing sea trout, the homemade Chicken Empanadilla and the well-worked beef sirloin proposed by Pump House Station. A lot of diners come to order their well-prepared Nutella crepes, their unique croissants and their delicate cookies. Visit this establishment and have a delicious wine, an amazing tap beer or some delicious margaritas. You will not be able to forget the magnificent latté coffee, the extraordinary iced tea and the spectacular cappuccino that can be tasted here.

14. Shopping at Sedona

Shops, galleries and boutiques offer delicate and unique art, clothing, jewelry and gifts, with opportunities for every taste and budget. Several of Sedona's finest stores are conveniently located in several charming shopping complexes, including Hillside, Hozho, Sinagua and Tlaquepaque. Here you can get all the things of your taste.

15. Slide Rock State Park

It is located 8 miles north of Sedona in the Oak Creek Canyon. The natural water slide will be a great sensation with the children! You will be charged a small entrance fee

So the above 15 best things to do in the Sedona will surely make your visit to Sedona enjoyable.

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    Chapel Of The Holy Cross

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    Cathedral Rock

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    Bell Rock

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    Oak Creek Canyon

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    Address: Between Flagstaff and Sedona, Arizona

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    Red Rock Scenic Byway

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    Devil's Bridge Trail

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    Slide Rock State Park

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    Address: 6871 Arizona 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336, United States

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    Red Rock State Park

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    Star Gazing At Sedona

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    Broken Arrow Trail

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    Boynton Canyon Trail

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    Centre For The New Age

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    Address: 341 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86336, United States

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    Encore Theatre

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    Address: 6615 Hwy 179, Sedona, AZ 86351, United States

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    Amitabhastupa And Peace Park

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    Address: 2650 Pueblo Drive, Sedona, AZ

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    If you are looking for some peace and a good place to meditate, then head to the AmitabhaStupa and Peace Park. Meditate while you breathe in the pristine air or simply take a walk around the park whil...Read more

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    Kachina House

    Tags: Art And Culture, Entertainment, Arts And Crafts

    Address: 2920 Hopi Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336, United States

    Timings: 08:30 am - 04:30 pm Details

    If you are looking for a place to buy indigenous craft articles and rare cultural art pieces, then head to the Kachina House. A heaven for shopaholics who love to explore the native crafts, this place...Read more

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