15 Best Things To Do in Segovia, Spain

Segovia is a wonderful city of Spain that blends in history and culture. This place has a lot to offer to travelers across the globe. The tourist spot at the place is endless. Enticing with mesmerizing landscapes and rich heritage Segovia has much more than one can perceive. It is signified as the famous tourist spot of all times. The bustling city has fun unlimited, one could enjoy during a vacation in Spain. Try going on a Mediterranean cruise that is specially designed for the travelers from across the globe. Fantastic view, vivacious natural view, sumptuous food is the major tourist attractions of the place. Below are the listed 15 places to visit in Segovia that one can experience.

Let's explore Segovia points of interest and the 15 best things to do in Segovia:

1. Greatest Monument of Segovia

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The fantastic structure is the greatest monument of Spain, which runs 15 km ahead it reaches the city its transparent waters from Frio River to Segovia. The specialty of the place is the structure stones interlocking with each other through the gravity force. This is called as an aqueduct, which has built at the time of Roman rules. This is a cultural beauty of the place, where one should not miss while in Spain.

2. Magnificent Fortes- Alcazar

This sheer fort is located in Segovia. The famous castle speaks about Spain culture and heritage. Currently, it is used as for museum. The foursquare towers, halls with twin windows and barrels, this place look like history just turning its page again at present. The king hall and the room of Thrones are the must watch for all the visitors who visit Spain. This will show you around various culture and history of the place, making your vacation more enjoyable. Cast your imagination towards the splendid place of Segovia, while paying a visit to this tourist spot.

3. Catedral de Segovia, Plaza Mayor

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Standing tall amidst the surrounding in the Old Town of Segovia, the Late Gothic cathedrals offer an enchanting view of the entire city and the Sierra de Guadarrama foothills. The Gothic grandeur is illuminated with vibrant and stained glass windows from inside and the outside has been built with ya yellow stone which creates an all-impressive effect along with a central 100 meters tall tower. A 14th-century ivory figure of the Virgen de la Paz is the main altarpiece, crafted of marble, jasper, and bronze is one of the many sculptures, artworks, and altars that decorate the cathedral.

4. Monasterio del Parral

This 15th-century monastery was founded by Henry IV of Spain, represents a combination of Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. One of the main highlights of this monastery church is the main Gothic doorway that leads to the ante-sacristy. The main chapel is Gothic whereas the tower is decorated with Renaissance ornamentations. It has got four cloisters: the main one, La Portería, La Hospedería, and La Enfermería.

5. Judería, The Jewis Quarter

Judería de Segovia - ImageImage Source:wikimedia.org

The distinct medieval ambience, the old Jewis Quarter of Segovia, reminds of the Sephardic past. Judería Vieja and Judería Nueva are a few street names here that signify the Jewis presence. Built in the 13th century, the Convent of Corpus Christi also portrays its former life as a synagogue. A visit to this place will give you a glimpse of the synagogue's original décor, like the pineapples and scrolls that decorates the columns. It is perhaps the best preserved one out of the five synagogues that once was the pride of Segovia. The Antigua Carnicería Judía, an ancient ewish Butcher Building, is now a museum of fine arts, Museo de Segovia.

6. Iglesia de la Vera Cruz

Built by Knights Templar in the 13th century, La Vera Cruz is a beautiful Romanesque church with picturesque views of the historic town. Inspired by the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Vera Cruz means the ‘True Cross’. The simple austere ambience and the three semi-circular chapels along with the Mudéjar-style vaulting, gives its visitors a feeling of mystic ambience. The Convento de Los Carmelitas Descalzos is located near Church of Vera Cruz, is the tomb of the mystic poet John of the Cross. Visitors reach here through a steep stone staircase, giving the feeling of reaching a place of higher spirituality.

7. Museo Gastronómico de Segovia

Museo Gastronómico - ImageImage Source:wikimedia.org

This little private museum takes its visitors through a gastronomical tour of wonderful Spanish foods, agriculture of the place and exhibits its utensils and local cheeses, wines, cured meats, ponche Segoviano and along with a section on the local whiskey, DYC. Build in an old house, some part of the museum includes remains of its Roman origins. It’s a great opportunity for travellers to sample some of the local cheeses and other foods that’s been used in restaurants and eateries in Segovia.

8. Casa de Los Picos

The pyramid-shaped granite blocks and the striking facade resembling a coat of armor, Casa de Los Picos, was built in the 15th Century is worth a tour. Have a look of the coats of arms above the balconies, reflecting the stature and pride of the De la Hoz family who owned it. At the entrance and in the courtyard it has been decorated with unique and beautiful tiles that features pics of the Segovia buildings. Now, Segovia Art School and an exhibition hall, hosts numerous temporary exhibition all around the year.

9. La Muralla (Ramparts)

Segovia attractionsImage Source:wikimedia.org

The medieval walled town of Segovia is surrounded by formidable ramparts dating as back as the 11th Century. Starting the Alcázar fortress, a valuable and good portion of these limestone walls has been preserved. These ramparts showcase some characteristic crenulations, towers, blind arches, and the entrance gates with horseshoe arches. Visitors can take a view from inside the former guards’ headquarters of the walls that actually protected the upper areas of the city. A walk along the ramparts, overlooking the Jewish quarter and the city's monuments is what visitors enjoy here.

10. Cathedral, Segovia

Segovia's cathedral is a powerful and prominent expression of the Gothic architectural creations that was built in almost a span of 200 years. Segovia Cathedral, located in the main square – Plaza Mayor, of Segovia. The church which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary was built in 16th century in Gothic style. Built at the highest point of the town, construction of the cathedral of Segovia began in 1525, during the reign of Carlos V. The unique feature of this cathedral is that it has three doorways: the Puerta del Perdón, San Geroteo and San Frutos Doors. The main altarpiece of the cathedral is made of marble, jasper and bronze and was consecrated in 1768.

11. Discover Royal Palace of San Ildefonso

Located 10 km southeast of the royal palace will offer you a closer look to the beautiful palace. The garden is structured as geometric style, surrounded with lush green vegetation and colourful blossoms all around. Flow with the gorgeous environment; enjoy the view of the alluring nature. This will offer a pleasant vacation treat to the tourists who are visiting to this tourist spot regularly. Dear vacationist! A wonderful time you could spend here, just plan for it today. Trust me it will be a great time for you.

12. Discover magnificent Church Building- Calle Real de

The magnificent history of Calle Real de unfolds the story of Jewish culture between the 15th -16th century. The wonderful church, Jewish quarter and splendid buildings are the major attractions for the tourists. If you love history, you must visit this place to gather some old treasures. Well, everyone likes medieval history and curious about the past. This place is a real example for this. Dear friend don’t miss this place.

13. Iglesia San Juan de Los Caballeros (Zuloaga Museum)

The Church of San Juan de los Caballeros, is the oldest in Segovia. Once a Catholic reminiscent, is now the headquarters of the Zuloaga Museum. It is a rectangular structure with three semi-circular apses and being extended with two rectangular side naves. This Romanesque church once used to be the burial place of the leading families of Segovia. The building now houses the Museo Zuloaga, a museum that displays works by the famous painter Ignacio Zuloaga and the ceramic artist Daniel Zuloaga.

14. Iglesia de San Millán

The typical 12th-century Romanesque church, San Millan stands outside the historic walled center of Segovia at the old Moorish quarters where once the Mozarab artisans worked and stayed. The Church has three apses and three naves, revealing some Islamic influence of the era, including Caliphate-style decorations and vaulting. The interiors of the church showcase Mudéjar artworks, horseshoe arches and a 14th-century Gothic crucifix.

15. Plaza de San Martín

Also known as the Plaza de las Sirenas, by the Segovians, the name comes from a mermaid represented in one of the corbels of the church of San Martine. It is small yet is one of the busy, popular and beautiful squares in the capital. The square is depicted over by the statue of Juan Bravo; the 14th-century Torreón de Lozoya, now hosts exhibitions; and the Iglesia de San Martín is a Romanesque jewel with arched galleries and a Mudéjar tower.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Segovia, Spain

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    Aqueduct Of Segovia

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    Address: Plaza del Azoguejo, 1, 40001 Segovia, Spain

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    A landmark and the symbol of Segovia, the Aqueduct is a two storied aqueduct bridge which was named a World Heritage in the year 1985. It was built sometime during the latter half of the 1st century A...Read more

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    Alcazar Of Segovia

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    The Alcazar of Segovia is a stone fortress situated in the old city of Segovia, Spain. Located atop Guadarrama Mountains, the construction of the Alcazar started sometime in the year 1120 and it was c...Read more

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    Jardines De La Granja De San Ildefonso

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    Address: Plaza Espana, 15, 40100 La Granja de S. Ildefonso, Segovia, Spain

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    San Ildefonso O La Granja

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    Address: Plaza Espana, 15, 40100 La Granja de S. Ildefonso, Segovia, Spain

    Timings: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    The San Ildefonso o La Granja or the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso is an 18th century palace situated around 12 kilometres from the city of Segovia. The palace used to be the summer resid...Read more

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    Iglesia De La Vera Cruz

    Tags: Religious Site, Cathedral

    Address: Carretera Zamarramala, S/N

    Timings: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    Situated around 10-12 minutes walking distance from the old city centre, Iglesia de la Vera Cruz (Church of the True Cross) is an old yet splendid Romanesque church situated in lush green surroundings...Read more

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    La Juderia

    Tags: Bar, Outdoors, Street Market, Street Food

    Address: La Juderia, Segovia, Spain

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    An old Jewish quarter in Segovia, La Juderia has narrow picturesque streets, tapas bars, nice restored buildings, a museum and a synagogue. Head over to soak in the culture of the place.

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    Monasterio De San Antonio El Real

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    Address: C/ San Antonio El Real, 6, Segovia, Spain

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    A hidden gem, Monasterio de San Antonio El Real is a functioning church and a place of worship. It was built in the year 1455 by Henry IV. Having a serene atmosphere, the interiors of the church is a ...Read more

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    Church Of Saint Millan

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    Address: Avda. Fernandez Ladreda 26, Segovia, Spain

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    One of the oldest church in Segovia, the Iglesia San Millan or the Church of Saint Millan is a Romanesque church located outside of the old walls of Segovia. It was built between 1111 and 1124. W...Read more

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    House Museum Of Antonio Machado

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    Address: Calle de los Desamparados, 5, 40001 Segovia, Spain

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    Antonio Machado was a famous Spanish poet and one of the leading figures of the Spanish literary movement. From the year 1919 to the year 1932, he rented a room in a house on Desamparados street. Anto...Read more

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    Real Casa De La Moneda

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    Address: Calle la Moneda, s/n, 40003 Segovia, Spain

    Timings: 10:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    Situated near the Alcazar, Real Casa de la Moneda is an old industrial building. It was built during the 16th century and operated as a Royal Mint between 1586 and 1869. The hydraulic machinery can st...Read more

  11. # 11 of 231 Things To Do in Segovia | Added 546 times in trip plans
    Segovia Cathedral

    Tags: Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    Address: Plaza Mayor, s/n, 40001 Segovia, Spain

    Timings: 09:30 am - 06:30 pm Details

    The Segovia Cathedral situated in old city is the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain. The construction of the cathedral began on the orders of Charles V in the year 1525. However, the work finally g...Read more

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    Plaza De Medina Del Campo, Segovia

    Tags: Landmark, Monument

    Address: Plaza Medina del Campo, 40001 Segovia, Spain

    Historical places have a charm of their own, and the Plaza De Medina Del Campo is a place you must visit if you believe in the magic of history. Located in the historic city of Segovia in the northwes...Read more

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    Loba Capitolina Image

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    Address: Plaza Oriental, 24, 40003 Segovia, Spain

    “Loba Capitolina” when loosely translated in English means the “Capitoline Wolf”. Known to the Romans as an important character from their mythology, this monument is in itself...Read more

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    Iglesia De San Andres

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    Address: 40003 Segovia, Spain

    Iglesia de San Andrés is a spectacular church located on beautiful settings in Segovia, Spain. This beautiful church has a perfect blend of a Romanesque and Baroque style of architecture. Its h...Read more

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    Monasterio Santa Maria Del Parral

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    Address: Calle Parral, 2, 40003 Segovia, Spain

    Monasterio Santa Maria Del Parral is a monastery and a historical heritage of the city which attracts visitors due to its incredible architecture and awesome views from it. For spiritual growth you ca...Read more

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