How to Reach Selcuk


  • By Air: The nearest airport for commercial flights is Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir. It is around 55 kilometers north of Selcuk. However, Selcuk does have a small airport but it is only for those who are travelling by air in their private planes. From the Izmir airport, trains to Selcuk from the airport ground are available.
  • By Bus: Buses to and from Pamukkhale to/ from Selcuk are available. You can take one of them to reach the center of the city. Other than this, the popular option Dolumuse buses from Izmir that will take you to Selcuk.
  • By Train: Seven regular trains are available daily from Izmir’s Basmane station to Selcuk. These trains go via the airport. The journey will take your around an hour, if you get into the train from the airport. However, Selcuk is not the last station for the train. So, be alert when you hear the station names.


  • By Mini Bus: To get around the city in a most inexpensive way, dolmus (or mini buses) are available. These buses will take you till Sirince and Ephesus.
  • By Taxi: You can hire a taxi to move around the city. Especially if you need to see the House of Mary, you need to hire a taxi.
  • By Bike: Other than these options, motorbikes and scooters are available on rent to explore the city.