Best Things To Do in Selcuk, Turkey

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  • Ancient City of Ephesus: If you are wondering what to see in Selcuk, Turkey, take a tour into the world dating 2000 years back, popularly known as Ephesus. A visit to this ancient city let you experience the lifestyle that used to exist during the glorious days of Greece and Rome.
  • Library of Celsus: One of the ancient and beautifully structured libraries in the history of world, located in Ephesus is Celsus Library or Library of Celsus. Build in 117 AD, the magnificent library was a monumental tomb of Gaius Julius, CelsusPolemaenus.
  • Ephesus Museum: It is one of the popular tourist attractions of Selcuk and considered as a unique and remarkable archeological treasure. It was discovered while excavating Ephesus and Claros and is said to be the most significant local museum of Turkey.
  • Crisler Library: Are you keen to know more about Selcuk? If yes, make sure you visit Crisler Library. The library has information and document related to the history of Ephesus city and also related to classical, biblical and Islamic history.
  • Sirince Village: When it comes to things to do in Selcuk, Sirince village is one such destination that can be considered for such activity. It is a beautiful picturesque old village of Turkey, built in 19th century or earlier than that.

Below we have a list of things to do in Selcuk and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Selcuk getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Selcuk with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Selcuk

Here is the list of things to do in Selcuk and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ancient City Of Ephesus

    Library, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Theatre

    Take a tour into the world spanning 2000 year back! Yes, that’s how the city of Ephesus is described. A visit to this ancient city let you feel the lifestyle that used to exists during the glorious days of Greece and Rome. The journey usually starts from the southern entrance called Magnesia Gate. Start walking down the hill and you will get to see some of the marvelous remaining of this ...Read more
  2. The Virgin Mary's House

    4.4 (808 Votes)
    The Virgin Mary's House

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Located on the slopes of the “Bulbul” mountain, this shrine has a wonderful ambience, hidden behind the greenery. The shrine was rediscovered by a German nun, Anne Catherine Emmerich. The legend says, the Virgin Mary spent her last few days on the earth in this House. The House has that typical Roman architecture, that is, it is made of stone. However, in the 4th century, a church w...Read more
  3. Library Of Celsus

    4.8 (817 Votes)
    Library Of Celsus

    Library, Educational Site

    Located within Ephesus, it is one of the most ancient and beautifully structured libraries in the history of world. Build in 117 AD, the magnificent library was a monumental tomb of Gaius Julius, Celsus Polemaenus. He was the governor of the province of Asia. At the entrance, you will see a statue of Athena, as Athena was considered as the goddess of wisdom. Inside the library, there were nearl...Read more
  4. The Terrace Houses

    4.8 (572 Votes)
    The Terrace Houses

    Historical Site

    Located on the hills, opposite to the Hadrian Temple is the famous Terrace Houses of Ephesus. Also known as the Houses of the rich, displays the royal lifestyle followed during the Roman period. It was built according to Hippodamian plan of the city where every street transects at every angle. The houses had six residential units built on three terraces at the edge of the slope of Bulbul Mounta...Read more
  5. Great Theatre

    Entertainment, Theatre, Concert

    Situated within the Ephesus, this magnificent theatre is located on the slopes of Panayir Hills. You can easily locate the theatre if you enter Ephesus from its southern entrance. Its first construction took place in the third century, during the reign of Lysimachos of Hellenistic period. However, the structure was expanded during the Roman period and that is the present structure that you see ...Read more
  6. Ephesus Museum

    Museum, Historical Site, Fountain, Tomb

    Visit this museum to see some of the unique and remarkable archeological treasures that were discovered while excavating Ephesus and Claros. It is said to be the most significant local museum of Turkey. The entire museum is divided into many sections: Hall of the Terrace Houses Findings Hall of the Fountain Findings Hall of the New and Small Findings Great Courtyard Hall of the Tomb Findings H...Read more
  7. Sirince Village

    Outdoors, Village, Historical Site

    An half an hour drive from east of Selcuk will take you to a beautiful picturesque old village of Turkey, named Sirince village. Most of the houses of this village were built in 19th century or earlier that that. At that time, it was predominantly a Greek village and you can make out from the structure of the houses with old red stone tiled roofs, the churches and monasteries that still exist i...Read more
  8. The Basilica Of Saint John

    Religious Site, Cathedral , Tomb

    Visit the stunning ruins of the Byzantine Church of St. John, built on the grave of over the tomb of St John the Evangelist. Located on the slopes of Ayasoluk Hill, the legend says that St John spent last days of his life in this location. However, in the later century, the church faced many earthquakes and destruction due to Arab invasion and the downfall of Ephesus. Thereafter, the ruined chu...Read more
  9. Temple Of Artemis

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    Temple Of Artemis

    Religious Site, Temple, Museum

    Declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis is located within Ephesus. It was a Greek temple and was dedicated to the goddess Artemis. The temple used to have 127 sculptured columns. However, the temple faced destruction due to floods and disturbance of the invaders in the last thousand years. Later on, it was rebuilt in the same location as for the people o...Read more
  10. Temple Of Hadrian

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    Temple Of Hadrian

    Religious Site, Temple, Archaeological Site

    It is one of the beautiful historical and well preserved structures on Curetes street, within the city of Ephesus, connecting the Celsus library and the Gate of Hercules. The striking feature of the temple is the four Corinthian columns of the facade that supports the curved arch. In the middle of the arch is the relief of Tyche, goddess of victory. You might notice elements of modern building ...Read more
  11. Curetes Street

    Historical Site, Monument, Fountain

    It is one of the three main streets within the city of Ephesus, lies between the Celsus library and the Hercules Gate. History says, the street got its name from the priests who were called as Curetes. Along the street, there were numerous columns, fountains, monuments, shops and stature on both sides of the streets. However, most of the construction was destroyed because of the number of earth...Read more
  12. Arcadian Street


    Visit the remarkable ancient street that lies between the Harbour Baths and the great theatre. Traders and sailors who used to arrive into the city of Ephesus from the port, would first arrive on this street. That’s why, the street was ornamented with beautiful marble slabs and colonnades to make the street look impressive for the visitors. The street is around 530 meters long and 11 mete...Read more
  13. Ayasuluk Fortress

    Mosque, Castle, Historical Site, Hill

    Situated on Ayasuluk Hills, visit the best achievement of Ephesus city called Ayasuluk Fortress. However, the complete fortress faced destructions due to natural calamities and invasions of the outsiders. With excavation work that went for nearly 5 years ultimately led to the discovery of this magnificent castle. Some of the belongings founded during excavation dates back to years when the firs...Read more
  14. Brothel

    Historical Site, Statue

    Located within the famous city of Ephesus, this colonnade located on the corner of the famous Curetes street of the city with the Marble Street was popularly known as Brothel. The place was given this name because during excavation a statue of Priapus was uncovered from this site. This statue can now be seen in the Ephesus museum. This site used to have two entrances, one from the Marble Street...Read more
  15. Trajan's Fountain

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    Trajan's Fountain

    Historical Site, Statue, Fountain

    On the northern side of Curetes Street, you can see the famous fountain build in 2nd century AD and is known as Trajan’s Fountain. The fountain was built for the honor of the Emperor of Trajan. In the central niche of the facade stood the colossal statue of Trajan, over the pool. Before, the water used to flow from the pedestal of the statue to the fountain. At present, only a single foot...Read more