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  • #1 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Geysir Added 12947 times in Trip Plans
  • #2 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Kerid Added 11235 times in Trip Plans
  • #3 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Paradisarhellir Cave Added 8495 times in Trip Plans
  • #4 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Tre Og List Added 9843 times in Trip Plans
  • #5 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Seljalandsfoss Added 11243 times in Trip Plans
  • #6 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Selfosskirkja Added 9895 times in Trip Plans
  • #7 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Olfusa Added 10116 times in Trip Plans
  • #8 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Strokkur Geyser Added 2139 times in Trip Plans
  • #9 of 10 Things To Do in Selfoss Skogafoss Added 542 times in Trip Plans
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Best Places to Go and to Do in Selfoss

On the banks of Olfusa River, lies a scenic town called Selfoss. One of the major places in Southern Iceland, Selfoss is known for its breathtaking visuals. There is a lot to discover and explore in this town and there are many activities to do and attractions to visit in Selfoss. It is said that size doesn't matter. Even though the size of Selfoss is small, but still it offers a variety of attractions and things to do. Here's a list of some of the things to do in Selfoss compiled for your convenience.

Enjoy an eye pleasing sight by visiting Kerid, a volcanic crater lake. The view will make you fall in love with nature, all over again. You can also visit Seljalandsfoss to witness the sheer beauty of waterfall. Bring out the adventure junkie in you by visiting Paradisarhellir Caves. Other major attractions include Geysir, Tre Og List and Olfusa.

Things to do in Selfoss Iceland for Adults

One of the major things Iceland is known for is its beauty and even its cities do not disappoint! Among its many attractive cities, it is Selfoss that attracts the most crowd. Reasons? Its scenic beauty which can be best witnessed in the neighbourhoods. There are a couple of things that you can do here like watching the Selfoss Waterfall which is definitely a must do here. The waterfall is located in the north of Island and is one of the prime attractions here. You can come here and bask in its natural surrounding. The tranquillity and lush greenery will help you unwind and soothe your soul. After that go for Selfoss geyser and watch as nature plays its wonder on you. Ensure to click a picture or two while you are at it! On a nice sunny day, you can rent a bike and embark on a local tour from Selfoss to Þjórsárdalur which is a scenic valley located near volcano Hekla. The beautiful surrounding of skies and greens will really help you get acquainted with nature and relax. If you don't want to drive this hour long journey, then be happy with a nice stroll through the bridge of Pylsuvagninn near river Olfusa while noshing on a delightful bite of hotdog. Among its many places, the Kaffi Krús- a quaint cafe has got quite a reputation here and deserve a visit at least once!

Things to do in Selfoss at nights

A night walk through the Selfoss town is anything but tough. The place is just so small that you can easily cover it on foot. If the Selfoss Iceland weather is good, the nights themselves become an attraction with a vast number of stars and a kind of serenity that is pretty much lost in other metropolises. Go have a light supper in the Kaffi Krus, also known as Coffe Mug Cafe among folks. The eateries found here are known to be the best around. Of course, like any other place, there are some nice Selfoss Iceland restaurants around as well, in case you feel to explore more. If you are a book lover or just some who likes to read after a meal, head to the Sunnlenska Bókakaffið for a reading adventure. The variety of books here is huge and they even provide second-hand ones. The Selfoss is also known for its humble crowd with welcoming people. You can easily get a gist of it by visiting places like Kronan and Bonus which lies pretty much in the middle of its main road. The supermarket has everything that you might need (refilling your supplies maybe?) and provides ample opportunities to interact with natives and make some friends!

Things to do in Selfoss for free

Being the little postcard town that it is, Selfoss does not strike like other many cities but rather seduces quietly with its serenity and home-like charm. It literally gives off the feeling 'Home away from Home'. There might not be many Selfoss Iceland hotels, but the accommodations here are still very friendly. Of course, it does not need much to visit this place either. Surrounded by nature and greenery, most of them are totally free, a trip in Selfoss will be the cheapest fulfilling experience for you. You can take a tour to Þjórsárdalur near volcano Hekla and enjoy the vistas around, The Gjáin which lies near this valley is a great hiking spot as well which you can always rely on for a little adventurous exploit. Further a little and you will come across Hjálparfoss, a beautiful waterfall to see and admire. Those are love history or inclined towards it can come in old Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng and check out the structure which dates back to wild Viking era, apparently reconstructed, though! Not only this, the place also provides an opportunity which you can easily avail in Stokkseyri or Eyrarbakki. Both are unique given the fact that the latter has black sands instead of golden while former is all rugged and hip. Crash in here, lay down and get a nice tan or playing along the waves is a nice option too! End your excursion with a visit to paradisarhellir cave which is quite an interesting sample reflecting city's history and the past.

Things to do around Selfoss

There are various things to do around this little town of delight. You can plan a trip from Selfoss to Reykjavik which is not even an hour away from the place and can easily be mapped by a bike. If you are visiting with friends or even family, treading through this road while singing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs might be one of the best memories to away with you. Give a trip to Tryggvaskáli a chance which is basically the first house ever built here and hence is significantly important. Couples will certainly love it here, with its riverfront scenery, cosy dining niche and thoughtful decor. There is a village called Stokkseyri located nearby which is home to Fjörborðið, a popular restaurant in the region best known for its langoustine and bright ambience. The place also has some nice breweries like Ölvisholt Brugghús and Vínbúðin which is great for a happening wine tasting detour. In the end, go to Selfosskirkja and pray in this old church for some time.

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