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Senegal Overview

The country of Senegal forms the westernmost border of the African mainland. The country has a South Atlantic Ocean coastline and shares its border mainly with Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. The name Senegal is derived from the Wolof language “SunuuGaal”, which means “our boat”. The Senegal River also flows through the country. Your Senegal travel guide may include visiting the famous beaches and enjoying the unspoiled natural interiors of the country.

Visa Regulations for Entering Senegal

The citizens of many countries are exempted from acquiring Senegal visa for stays up to 90 days. An updated list is available on the official website of the Senegalese government.  A valid passport should be in possession of all travelers visiting the country. For all other countries, an application is required to be processed through the nearest Senegalese consulate. A WHO vaccination card, with yellow fever and cholera vaccinations, are also required from the nationals traveling from regions with a history of such diseases. 

Best Time of the Year to Visit Senegal

The country has two principal weather seasons. The dry season starts from November to May when the temperature averages around 25°C. The wet season starts from the month of June till October and provides the best time to visit Senegal. The atmosphere is fresh and moist; there are many flowers in seasonal bloom and birds flock in abundance. You may also plan to visit between February to April when the dry season is ending and the national parks are open for tourists.

Top Destinations for Tourists visiting Senegal

The beaches of Senegal are some of the most picturesque in the world. So, relaxing and enjoying the famed sunshine of Senegal at the ÎleN’Gor and Petite Cote is one of the top things to do in Senegal. You may also enjoy water sports, scuba-diving or snorkeling in the coastal city of Saly. The Fathala Reserve in the Saloum Delta or the megalithic Stone Circles spread throughout the country is some of the best places to visit in Senegal. The capital city of Dakar and the Rose Lake are other places of tourist interest.

Different Transports Available in Senegal

There are public buses plying in all the major cities of Senegal. You may also avail the “car rapide”, blue-and-yellow public transportations in the major cities. The yellow taxis may solve the problem of how to reach Senegal tourist destinations, but the price needs to be negotiated beforehand. There are seven-seater vehicles or “Sept-places” operating between the cities. You may also travel through the waterways in motorized ‘Pirogues’ or ferries.

Local Cuisine and Accommodations in Senegal

The local dishes reflect both African and French influences while using local produce. ‘Maafe’, chicken, lamb, beef or fish cooked with vegetables and peanut butter sauce. ‘Chere’ is couscous made from millet. ‘Sombi’ is a sweet soup made with rice and coconut milk. The Hacienda Hotel or Hotel Awa Plazza offers some of the best accommodations in Senegal.

The country of Senegal is a great place for spending your vacation among the wild and beautiful countryside scenery and the upscale, swanky cities and beaches.

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