How to Reach Seoul

The Easiest Way to Reach Seoul

How to Get to Seoul

  • By air: You can take a flight to Incheon International Airport which is located on Yeongjong Island in the neighboring city of Incheon.
  • By train: You can take a train to Seoul Station, Yongsan Station and Cheongnyangni Station to reach the city.
  • By bus: You can catch a bus from Central City Terminal, Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, Seoul Express Bus Terminal, Nambu Bus Terminal and Sinchon Bus Terminal.
  • By boat: There are many ferry and boat services that can take you to the destination, Busan is the main port for ferries in the place.

How to Get Around Seoul

  • By Taxi: Standard taxis can be found in great numbers and they are not costly as well.
  • By Bus: It is more comfortable and generally faster to tour around Seoul by a passageway, but you can also take a bus and the bus system is an all-inclusive and inexpensive system.
  • By Air: Of late low-cost local airlines for instance Jeju Air has come along on the scene. Domestic air travel is rationally priced and operates in the majority of the country’s main cities and Jejudo the land of honeymooners in southern Korea.
  • By Boat: Regular ferries link Incheon City, the west of Seoul, with approximately a dozen cities of ports in China twice or thrice in a week.
  • By Rail: Seoul is the center of a widespread home rail network managed by Korean National Rail road.

Modes of Transportation in Seoul

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Seoul. The most preferred mode of transport in Seoul is Train/Metro.

Average distance: 16.59 km Average time: 38.77 min

  • Train/Metro 43.1%
    Train 27.16 min Walking 9.66 min Waiting 3.89 min Bus 0.72 min Overall average time for 21.84 kms 41.43 min
  • Walking 13.79%
    Walking 27.13 min Train 4.25 min Waiting 0.75 min Overall average time for 8.95 kms 32.13 min
  • Bike 6.9%
    Bike 23 min Walking 0.5 min Overall average time for 6.5 kms 23.5 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 15.52%
    Bus 27.11 min Walking 7.39 min Waiting 5.39 min Other 0.78 min Train 0.56 min Overall average time for 11.81 kms 41.22 min
  • Car 13.79%
    Driving 41.25 min Walking 0.75 min Overall average time for 18.25 kms 42 min
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