Best Time To Visit Shanghai

Best Time To Go To Shanghai

Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate and experiences four different seasons. The peak season in Shanghai is during the Summers but it can really be hot and wear you down. So the best time to visit Shanghai is during the seasons of Spring and Autumn, when the climate is ideal.

  • Spring (March - May): Spring is the most pleasant season in Shanghai as the flowers start to bloom and fill the city with its charm.
  • Summer (June - August): Summers in Shanghai are hot and humid. There will occasional downpours, severe thunderstorms, and at times typhoons too.
  • Autumn (September - October): As Autumn sets in, the mercury level starts to drop signaling the arrival of winter. Shanghai's Autumns are mostly sunny and dry and the average temperature is around 22 degree Celsius.
  • Winters (November - February): Visiting Shanghai during the winters is one of the best decisions to make. With north-westerly winds blowing from Siberia, the winters are chilly and damp and the temperature goes below freezing levels. There will be one-two days of snowfall too.

Carry an umbrella and raincoats with you all the time while visiting Shanghai, as the climate tends to change drastically and the chances of having a rain is always high.

Climate in Shanghai

Know weather for your travel dates:

oF | oC
Today 22 Jan



Partly cloudy until evening.

Wind:2.15 m/s



  • Tue 23 Jan
    9oC | 2oC

    Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Wed 24 Jan
    7oC | 2oC

    Mostly cloudy starting in the evening.

  • Thu 25 Jan
    6oC | 3oC

    Breezy throughout the day and light rain starting in the afternoon.

  • Fri 26 Jan
    6oC | 3oC

    Breezy in the morning and overcast throughout the day.

  • Sat 27 Jan
    7oC | 4oC

    Light rain and breezy overnight.

  • Sun 28 Jan
    7oC | 2oC

    Breezy in the morning and overcast throughout the day.

Month wise Weather in Shanghai

Average Temperature in Shanghai by month

  • 40o
  • 30o
  • 20o
  • 10o 0o

Average temperature: 11oC

Minimum temperature: 7oC

Maximum temperature: 14oC


Average temperature: 6oC

Minimum temperature: 1oC

Maximum temperature: 10oC


Average temperature: 8oC

Minimum temperature: 2oC

Maximum temperature: 17oC


Average temperature: 15oC

Minimum temperature: 7oC

Maximum temperature: 23oC


Average temperature: 20oC

Minimum temperature: 17oC

Maximum temperature: 28oC


Average temperature: 25oC

Minimum temperature: 20oC

Maximum temperature: 30oC


Average temperature: 29oC

Minimum temperature: 24oC

Maximum temperature: 34oC


Average temperature: 32oC

Minimum temperature: 28oC

Maximum temperature: 37oC


Average temperature: 27oC

Minimum temperature: 23oC

Maximum temperature: 30oC


Average temperature: 24oC

Minimum temperature: 19oC

Maximum temperature: 32oC


Average temperature: 17oC

Minimum temperature: 11oC

Maximum temperature: 23oC


Average temperature: 11oC

Minimum temperature: 6oC

Maximum temperature: 16oC

Highest temperature in Shanghai is recorded as 37oC in August.

Lowest temperature in Shanghai is recorded as 1oC in February.

Average Humidity in Shanghai by Month (in %)

  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25 0

Average Humidity: 84%

Minimum Humidity: 83%

Maximum Humidity: 85%


Average Humidity: 72%

Minimum Humidity: 65%

Maximum Humidity: 79%


Average Humidity: 55%

Minimum Humidity: 48%

Maximum Humidity: 62%


Average Humidity: 54%

Minimum Humidity: 48%

Maximum Humidity: 59%


Average Humidity: 75%

Minimum Humidity: 69%

Maximum Humidity: 80%


Average Humidity: 64%

Minimum Humidity: 57%

Maximum Humidity: 74%


Average Humidity: 78%

Minimum Humidity: 76%

Maximum Humidity: 82%


Average Humidity: 73%

Minimum Humidity: 70%

Maximum Humidity: 76%


Average Humidity: 67%

Minimum Humidity: 63%

Maximum Humidity: 69%


Average Humidity: 80%

Minimum Humidity: 69%

Maximum Humidity: 90%


Average Humidity: 69%

Minimum Humidity: 66%

Maximum Humidity: 71%


Average Humidity: 68%

Minimum Humidity: 64%

Maximum Humidity: 70%

Most humid month in Shanghai is January.

Least humid month in Shanghai is April.