Best Things To Do in Shanghai, China

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The greatest attraction of Shanghai is architecture and there's never a need to be bored in the city, if you're in need of inspiration just look up!

  • The Bund: Shanghai's most famous district, full of the classic views of Shanghai's former banking world though much of it has now been taken over by government entities. Follow the river for the best the area has to offer.
  • Oriental Pearl Tower and City History Museum: For the best view over the city get a ticket for the fascinating museum below, and get free access to the viewing platform. A perfect place for photos.
  • Yuyuan Gardens: Overdose on ancient Chinese architecture and enjoy the stroll through the gardens, and try not to let the street vendors drive you mad. Admission Fee: 40 RMB
  • French Concession Walking Tour: Take a walking tour of the nicest part of Shanghai, with leafy road ways surrounded by trees imported from France back in the early 20thcentury. There are some great street markets round and about the area too.
  • Moganshan Road Art District: Enjoy the atmosphere of artists at work, in what used to be an abandoned warehouse district but is now teeming with Bohemian life.
  • Pubs and Nightlife: Shanghai has one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the world and you won't be disappointed..
  • Window's Scoreboard: (11thFloor, 527 Huaiai Zhong Lu) Rock, Sports, and cheap drinks with a great view. Make this bar in an office building a must see.
  • Atanu: (1 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu) Drink in a lighthouse on the Bund, drinks are good value too.
  • The House of Roosevelt: (9thFloor, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu) Club sounds, and champagne drinking from this classy rooftop bar in the Bund.
  • Sasha's: (11 Dongpin Lu) Head down to the French concession, for an impressive atmosphere and great setting, and sample the cocktail list for maximum pleasure.


  • Shanghai is a shopper's paradise and name brands can be found in many of the cities malls as well as hundreds of other places where they are more likely to be copies, in amongst all this are some unique places offering local specialities.

Shanghai Silk Mansion Company Limited

It used to be a death penalty offence to take the secrets of silk making from China, but today things are more laid back. This is the biggest retailer and wholesaler of silk in the world, and if you can't find something you like you aren't looking hard enough.

  • Curio Street: (Dongtai Lu) Over a hundred stores dealing in Chinese antiques and curios, get your haggling skills together to get the best bargains.
  • Jiading Staw Handicrafts: (Xuhang Township, Jiading District) With over 20 categories and thousands of products anything you want that could be made of straw can be found here.
  • Lao Fengxiang Silverware: (Multiple branches across the city) With over 150 years experience Lao Fengxiang, are the Chinese name with the most practice at making the most ornate pieces in silver and now gold too.
  • Xintiandi Lanes: (Xintiandi) A relatively new complex of many vendors selling almost anything you could need, want or think of. Don't forget to haggle.

Below we have a list of things to do in Shanghai and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Shanghai getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Shanghai with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Here is the list of things to do in Shanghai and tourist attractions in city.

  1. The Bund

    Art And Culture, Waterfront, Walking Area, Historical Site

    The namesake of this waterfront area is derived from the Persian and Hindustani word, Band. The word literally translates to dam, embankment or levee. Located in the eastern part of the Huangpu District on Zhongshan Road, the Bund basically refers to a number of wharves and buildings that are situated along the Huangpu River. One of the most prominent aspects of the near fifty two buildings th...Read more
  2. Nanjing Road

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Casino, Club

    This is probably the most famous area in Shanghai. Being one of the busiest shopping streets in the country is certainly something to boast of but this area in Shanghai is also considered to be one of the busiest shopping areas in the entire world. Nanjing Road is divided into two main areas; these areas include Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West. Located at the heart of the city, the maj...Read more
  3. Xintiandi

    4.6 (3887 Votes)

    Walking Area, Restaurant, Streets

    This area is regarded as one of the most affluent locales in Shanghai. Being a car-free zone, people can spend a lot of time walking in the streets. The streets here are lined with designer boutiques, famous restaurants and entertainment options. Do expect to spend a considerable amount of money when shopping in this area. The characteristic features of this locale are narrow alleys, cobble st...Read more
  4. The Peoples Square

    Landmark, Food And Drinks, Theatre, Square

    This area can be considered to be one of the main city centers of Shanghai. Often compared to Times Square, one can find huge crowds in this location throughout the day. Placed adjacent to Nanjing Road in the Huangpu District, this place is famous for obvious reasons. Built on the site of a former horse racing track, this public square is home to the Shanghai Municipal Government building, the...Read more
  5. Yuyuan Garden

    4.4 (3832 Votes)
    Yuyuan Garden

    Garden, Walking Area, Architecture

    The Yuyuan Garden or the Yu Garden is another commonly frequented tourist destination in Shanghai. Situated in the northeastern part of the ‘Old City’, this garden attracts a lot of foreign tourists on an annual basis. The history connected with the construction of this garden is quite bittersweet in nature. Built in 1577, this garden took up a huge amount of resources during the r...Read more
  6. Oriental Pearl Tower

    Hotel, Landmark, Observatory, Restaurant

    This tower held the position of the tallest structure in China till 2007 before it was overtaken by the Jin Mao Tower and the SFWC tower. The function of the tower serves as a Radio and Television broadcast tower but has become a landmark location in the city. The tower has eleven spheres and fifteen observatory towers. The tower comprises a shopping mall, exhibition facilities, restaurants an...Read more
  7. Shanghai Museum

    Art Museum, Art Gallery, Architecture , Sculpture

    The Shanghai Museum is only one of the main attractions that people can view in the Peoples Square. The foundations of this museum were laid in 1952 and it has predominantly remained an art museum. The architecture of the museum building is built with strict accordance to Chinese perception and philosophies. Local architect Xing Tonghe designed the building with a round top upon a square base....Read more
  8. Shanghai World Financial Center

    Hotel, Landmark, View Point, Observatory

    This is one of the most iconic images of modernist China. Being a symbol of the prosperity and technological superiority of Shanghai, this one hundred one storey skyscraper was the second tallest building in the world at the time of its construction. Located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, this multiuse skyscraper holds massive respect and quite a few records in the realm of architecture. ...Read more
  9. Jade Buddha Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Landmark

    As is common knowledge, the primary religion that is practiced by the people of China is Buddhism. This temple is unique as it is one of the modern Buddhist temples. The temple exhibits influences from both the Chan and Pure Land philosophies and traditions that are associated with Mahayana Buddhism. Established in 1882, the name of the temple is a reference to the two Jade Buddha statues that...Read more
  10. Jin Mao Tower

    Hotel, Landmark, View Point, Tower

    Before the more recent skyscrapers had been built in Shanghai, this tower was a landmark for the city. This eighty eight storey tower is also located in the Pudong district and is a stone’s throw away from the SWFC. The Jin Mao Tower is the fifth tallest building in the world by height and the also the seventh tallest building in terms of pinnacle height. The tower is a shining example o...Read more
  11. Science And Technology Museum

    Science Museum

    This large museum is located in the Pudong area in Shanghai and is the largest park located inside the inner districts of this majestic city. Covering a floor space of ninety eight thousand square meters, this museum attracts more than three million tourists on an annual basis. You can rest assured that the sights you will see in this museum will leave you flabbergasted and in awe of the huge s...Read more
  12. Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

    Bridge, Lake, Boating, Old Town

    This locality is affectionately referred to as the Venice of Shanghai. This suburb is a water town which has a rich and vibrant history that dates back over 1700 years. Zhujiajiao is not only famous in Shanghai but is also one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout China. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, this small town covers around forty seven square kilometers. The government ...Read more
  13. Huangpu River Cruise

    Waterfront, River, Cruise

    The Huangpu River flows through the heart of the city of Shanghai. It is also a much frequented waterway. There are numerous river cruises that can be availed by tourists. Being the longest river in Shanghai and the last and most important tributary of the Yangtze River, this waterway is extremely important for the city and the country. Normally, the river cruises are offered by many different ...Read more
  14. Shanghai Glass Museum

    Museum, Bowling Alley, Performance, Exhibition

    The Shanghai Glass Museum is one of the most innovative and modern museums in Shanghai. There are numerous attractions that draw people to this museum. Chief among them are the temporary exhibits, the most popular among them which is on display now is the exhibit called “Keep it Glassy”. Another exciting part of the museum is the glass blowing exhibition. Here, tourists can watch pr...Read more
  15. Qibao Ancient Town

    Art And Culture, Town, Old Town

    The word Qibao literally translates to ‘seven treasures’. This town located in the Minhang district of Shanghai is an ancient part of the city, the origins of which can be traced as far back as the ‘Five Dynasties and Ten kingdoms Period’. This town is especially well known for its own brand of food involving crickets, a specialty spicy pork dish and other local delicaci...Read more

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    • Tony's Farm, 1 Mutian, Biofarm, Mahota Farm Shanghai, Organic Shanghai, Tong Chu Farm, Just Organic Farm, Shang Shan Yuan Farm, and Shanghai Organic Farm are a few of the organic farms in Shanghai. You can contact them individually to get organic food. 

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