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The city of Shantou is located on the eastern coast of Guangdong , China and it has quite a good historical value as it was developed as a treaty port for establishing trade with Western countries in the 19th century and at one point of time, it was doing great business with the traders all over the world. 

In the 1980s, it was declared as the special economic zone however, it didn’t developed as the cities of Shenzhen, Xiamen and Zhuhai but still it is economic center of Guangdong and also home to Shantou university. Other than this, Shantou is also known for islands, parks and museums.

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1. Explore the beauty of Nan’ao Island

This island is one of the best islands not just in Guangdong but in the whole China and it has something more to offer to the visitors other than sand and surf. Here the seafood served to you will be absolutely fresh as Nan’ao Island is habitat of a fishing community and oyster farm. The visitors can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the area by cycling and hiking and have a great time exploring the beauty of the island.

2. Take fresh air at Haimen Lotus Mountain

This is the best spot to breathe fresh air near Shantou. The Haimen Lotus mountain stands at the peak elevation of 500 meters and by hiking at the top, the visitors can get a clear view of the city and ocean too. On the contrary, if you want to stay close to the Haimen Lotus Mountain Park, you can take a walk at a surprisingly clean beach as very few people take bath over there. Another added attraction over there are the rocks on which the excerpts from the poetry of scholar-general Wen Tianxiang are carved.

3. Find out the Hong Kong connection at Tian Tan Garden

Tian Tan Garden of Shantou is one of the five Buddhas of China , however it is very less crowded in comparison to the most famous one, which is in Hong Kong. To reach to the top of the temple, you will need to climb hundreds of steps and then you will be able to view the statue of Buddha, sitting in a lotus position.

4. Relive the past at Shantou Xitang Landscape Garden

After visiting here, you will have a good idea as to how life would have been in the old days. The garden is situated along with the narrow canal which is built on the Beixi River and while travelling in the covered boats, you will feel as if you have time travelled in the past when boats were the main mode of transportation. The old homes are also standing on the side of the canal and people have opened restaurants and shops.

5. Get a feeling that the whole world is one community at Zhongshan Park

In 1920s, in order to prove to the world that Chinese are expert in setting up world class gardens, four man-made gardens were set up. However, the present condition of three gardens is not very good but the one at Shantou has been managed properly and it has retained its glory. The entrance of the park consists of six pillar red gate, adorned with red lanterns and quote from Sun YatSen, reading, “The Whole World is One Community.” A small zoo is also in the garden.

6. Worship at the Longquan (Dragon Rock) Temple

It is being said that the dragons live in the caves over there and even the mountains are so frightening that you start believing such stories. The temple has a fearsome replica of a dragon which is ready to outpour fire on the people who come before it. The main reason for coming to the temple is to worship but people sometimes come for scenic hike too.

7. Visit the Chen Cihong Mansion

Chen Cihong is a legendary person of Shantou. He used to live in the 19th century and he earned a lot by working in Hong Kong and Bangkok. However, this business tycoon came back to hometown, Shantou and built mansions for his family members and also used his money for boosting the local economy. Chen’s mansion is the biggest of all and gives a glimpse of how people used to live in the 19th century.

8. Offer prayers at Mazhou Palace

Mazhou is the protective mother goddess who is said to keep the fishermen safe and this is why she is also called, “Star of the Sea”. Locals come and offer prayers here, especially when they are going on a journey whether by boat or otherwise. It is a peaceful area where you can find peace of mind and also see the old Shantou.

9. Have a great time at Fantawild Adventure

Chinese are pretty smart when it comes to creating a replica and a Chongging-based chain Fantawild has created many replicas of Disney world and one of them is in Shantou. This part has 15 themed areas and each of them has its own rides, performances and fun activities. It is pretty popular among the kids and youngsters and tourists can also have a great time at this Fantawild adventure park.

10.  Enjoy the serenity of Beishanwan Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Shantou offers visitors with an option of either having picnic on the sand or enjoy the water sports such as single person sailboats, parasailing, jetskiing, etc. The visitors get mesmerized with the beautiful view of blue South China Sea especially at the sunrise and sunset.  There is facility of renting the equipment such as boat, as well, so if you want to be on your own than it can also be done.

11. Shopping in Shantou

As Shantou is one of the five economic zones of China and it is known for trade and commerce, shopping is pretty convenient over here. There are many malls and supermarkets on the busiest city roads such as Jin Sha Road, Chang Ping Road, Hai Bin Road and Jin Xin Road. The city offers many other options for shopping as well and almost everything of your choice or need is available for you to buy.

12. Dine at Lao Ma Gong Zongzi

Zongzi is a dish which can be called specialty of the region, it is glutinous rice stuffed with various kind of fillings and it is steamed in bamboo leaves.

It is said that the Lao Ma Gong Zongzi is the best place to have Zongzi in Shantou and their stuffing consists of anything under the sun such as intestines of pig to peanuts. .

13. Definitely have Lion Head Goose at Chun Mei Stewed Goose

Another specialty of their cuisine is goose stewed in various aromatic ingredients such as anise, garlic, soy, ginger, citronella, cinnamon, sauce, sugar, and wine. The lion head goose is raised in good number in the city which is the most important ingredient of this dish.  It is being said that the best place to have this dish in Old Shantou is Chun Mei, so next time you make a visit here, do have this dish.

14. Breathe fresh at People’s Square

With the increase in pollution levels, the government of every country wants to set up a big park like area with several plants and trees so that the citizens can breathe fresh air while having a stroll over there. The same thing goes for the Chinese government as well and the best thing about Shantou’s square is that it is located along with the harbor and Queshi scenic area is pretty near from there. 

The public can take a walk in the Shantou square and live some healthy moments away from the pollution of the city. Here the public can also entertained as Shantou’s square has a big musical foundation and in the evening it becomes a magical fountain with the help of musical track and colorful lights. Some elderly people also practice their music during the evenings and if you hear to them, you can get to hear the traditional music of Shantou.

15.  Go green at Shantou Agricultural Science Park

Situated in the middle of the city, the Shantou Agricultural Science Park has a soothing effect on people who get to see greenery in middle of the concrete jungle. The visitors can roam through the fields of crops such as sunflower or soyabeans and they can also view greenhouses where fruits and vegetables are grown all-round the year.  The modern agricultural techniques used by the farmers are explained to the common public through placards and the farmers of Guangdong are also praised for their hard work and honesty. The kids also have something for them as there is a playground for them to play along with rides to enjoy. This is a pretty popular place for both the families as well for the kids and here everyone gets to learn something new.


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  3. Shantou Museum

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  4. Chaoshan Stadium

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  5. Shantou Bay Bridge

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  6. Shantouqueshi Bridge

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  8. 塔山风景区

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