Best Things To Do in Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt

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  • Sharm Old Town: If you find yourself staying in Na’ama Bay, hail a local bus or taxi and ask to go to Sharm Old Town. Make sure you get dropped off at the market. There you can do all your shopping and expect the unusual from the usual in this old town. This is where you will also find all clothing labels. People from other Egyptian cities come here to buy things in bulk to re-sale.
  • Desert: this is recommended. Here you will see colored canyons. If you are an adventurous traveller, make sure you travl the mountains with a guide and a camel. Adventure through valleys and oasis. Bring family or friends and you never forget your holiday adventure in Sharm El Sheik.
  • Pasha Nightclub:  this is where you need to be if you are looking for an open-air nightclub. There is a fee and also VIP tables and you will also find a security guard at each table.
  • Pacha Nightclub: stunning club where you can find outdoor pools, cocktail bars and also VIP rooms. You can book you room for a night or a few days. You can also board a Pacha boat and cruise the Red Sea, dance on the decks and sip on cocktails.

Below we have a list of things to do in Sharm El-sheikh and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Sharm El-sheikh getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Sharm El-sheikh with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Sharm El-sheikh

Here is the list of things to do in Sharm El-sheikh and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ras Mohamed National Park

    4.7 (804 Votes)
    Ras Mohamed National Park

    Outdoors, Beach, National Park, Garden

    Hey! Help solve a long debate. Does the contour of the cliff at the headland of this park really look like a bearded man’s face? Enough important people thought so that the place is literally named Mohamed’s Head. 480-square kilometres and encompassing the islands of Tiran and Sanafir, the park is a stupendous natural preserve of migratory birds, coral, thousands of fish (barracudas...Read more
  2. Soho Square

    4.5 (625 Votes)
    Soho Square

    Bar, Landmark, Walking Area, Dance Club

    This is the Sharm-el-sheikh’s primary nightlife area. The best shopping in town, some of the best bars, the best clubs a great host of shops, incredible public art, sculptures, and a kids arcade – they went all out on this one. For once, there’s no hectic haggling to be done and shoppers have a relatively easy time of things. One of the primary attractions is a fabulous musica...Read more
  3. Shark's Bay Beach

    Beach, Leisure, Water Sport, Scuba

    Yet another glorious diving beach, the sea here is a beautiful slope of coral. At the northern end of the beach is a shallow area excellent for snorkelling if you’re not too confident about swimming. In the water itself the marine life is plentiful and fascinating; coralfish, lyrtail, barracuda, eagle, shark. Quite a few people train for diving here and the water sports is quite fun. The ...Read more
  4. Aqua Blue Water Park

    4.6 (413 Votes)
    Aqua Blue Water Park

    Water Park, Entertainment, Water Sport, Games

    While awater park isn’t what instantly comes to mind when you talk about Sharm El-sheikh, this one is popular all over the region. Its 44 water slides and games and 9 pools are as good as most you might find around the world. Try the Twisters, the Tube Free Fall, the Kamikaze, the Black Hole and the Rafting Slide among others. The park isn’t just all water games; it’s a resort...Read more
  5. Dolphina Park

    Zoo, Water Park

    You know how sometimes you go into a candy shop and there’s a kid crying because he wants everything and is too confused to choose? You can see the same thing at the zoo sometimes. Well, this isn’t a zoo or marine park. It dolphins only, and for every visitor here, that’s more than enough. Steven, Stacey, Maria and Mizo are four adorable, smart and mischievous dolphins that ar...Read more
  6. El Fanar Lighthouse And Beach

    Beach, Light House, Restaurant, Water Sport

    El Fanar is mix of many good things. This beautiful beach dominated by a lighthouse is as attractive in the day as it is in the night. In the daytime, the sun, sand and water harbour a riot of colors in a pretty coral reef. Dive or snorkel down for the some really great marine life. There’s an Italian restaurant that’s part of the setup here and they say it’s the best of its t...Read more
  7. Terrazzina Beach

    4.4 (596 Votes)
    Terrazzina Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Leisure

    Yet another private beach, but this is different from usual Sharm-el-sheik fare. Instead of a coral marine zoo, you’re treated to some great water sports, a party atmosphere and family fun times. There’s always a foreign DJ playing till after dusk, so it’s a bit like being in Ibiza or at one of those party beaches in Mykonos. It’s like the Mediterranean here. The people ...Read more
  8. Ras Um Sid

    4.7 (440 Votes)
    Ras Um Sid

    Beach, Leisure, Water Sport, Scuba

    Though it’s a little mellower than the treats over at the national Park, the payoff at this lovely beach is much bigger for the effort put in. Reefing, snorkeling, diving, watersports and seafront hiking – it’s got it all. The fan corals here are instant favorites – almost everyone agrees that it’s one of the best things to see in the Red Sea. Loads of fun stuff li...Read more
  9. Coptic Church

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Walk through the entire Bible in picture after picture of loveliness in this serene and beautiful church. Beautiful inside and out, the church is among the oldest in the country, perhaps in the world. Its many colourful frescoes, paintings, lighting, stained glass and the lovely glass bottomed boat ride all combine to make a special, irreplaceable experience. If you visit, stick around for the ...Read more
  10. Ghibli Raceway

    3.8 (522 Votes)
    Ghibli Raceway

    Go Carting, Race Track, Adventure

    Go Karting! Yay! Seriously, we don’t need to say any more than that do we? Ghibli is a kind of North African wind. The staff is great; they’ll introduce you to the fun and then set you off on the track. And that’s just for the day visitors. They host corporate events (team building race events), have a paintball arena, a children karting schools, and even host professional rac...Read more
  11. Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport Image
    Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (IATA: SSH, ICAO: HESH) is an international airport located in Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt. It is the third busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo International Airport and Hurghada International Airport. The airport is located on the coastal area of the Sinai Peninsula and serves as a hub for several airlines, including EgyptAir, Air Arabia Egypt, and Nesma Airli...Read more
  12. Sharm Old Town
    While travelling in South Sinai Governorate, Egypt, you can check out the Sharm Old Market. Local people call it a Souk. You can come here with your friends and family as the market is full of colourful shops that sell wonderful souvenirs and goods of various kinds. The market holds a traditional charm and you will be pleased to see how the souvenirs of this market remind all about the great ap...Read more
  13. Desert
    Here you will see colored canyons. If you are an adventurous traveller, make sure you journey into the mountains with a guide and a camel. Adventure through valleys and oasis. Bring family or friends and you never forget your holiday adventure in Sharm El Sheik.
  14. Pacha Nightclub

    Nightclub, Adults

    If you want to shake a leg with your friends in a glittering environment, then a visit to the Pacha Sharm El-sheikh will be just perfect for you. This is a great nightclub that offers outstanding services to all who come here. The nightclub includes a world-class dance floor, VIP rooms, and an open-air room. Professional DJs play classic music here and the electric room by the pool offers super...Read more
  15. Habibi
    this is a BBQ restaurant. The food is delicious and you get loads of it. Here you can order any grilled meat and it is cheap. Anyone can afford their delicious meals. 

Sharm el-sheikh
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    • Yes, it is safe to visit all the points of interest you have mentioned. The only thing I would suggest is to try to go with a group or a tour if you are visiting this city for the first time. You can check different Sharm El-Sheikh tours to choose the best one that suits your trip plan. 

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