Best Things To Do in Shimla, India

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Being the centre of British regime in India, it is obvious that the city does not lack in a list of attractions for the visitors who come here. The city exudes a certain charm through its neo gothic architecture, tiny cottages, offices and parks that abound in retelling of past. Some of the best attractions are: The Ridge, Rashtrapati Niwas, Jakoo temple and Christ Church. The Anglican influence merges well with the Indian tradition and culture. For people who love to collect antique and wooden pieces, Lakkar Bazaar is the answer. Shimla also abounds in activities such as ice skating, trekking, skiing at Kufri, rafting and many more.


Shimla tourist attractions are varied in genre and have something for everyone. Following is the list of places to visit in Shimla:

  • Heritage buildings: The Shimla city tour always lines up the heritage buildings to be the top Shimla tourist attractions. Vicegral Lodge, Christ Church, Gaiety Theatre and the Railway Board building.
  • Hills: Prospect hill, summer hill and Jakhoo hill are the jewels in the city tour and a must visit.
  • Museums: Important in every tour guide of Shimla are its museums. Himachal state museum, Shimla Heritage Museum and Gaiety Theatre Complex are definitely worth your time.
  • Parks and Sanctuaries: Lining up as distinctive places are its Parks and Sanctuaries. Himalayan Bird Park and Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary are must visit.
  • Temples: Kali Bari temple, Jakhoo temple and Tara Devi temple.
  • Others: The Ridge- The midpoint of all the buzzing activities in Shimla. Shimla holidays are incomplete without the fun at the Ridge.


  • Out of all the things to do in Shimla, Shopping is one of the tourists favorite. The Mall is the main shopping street and has restaurants, bars, and clubs and tourist facilities.
  • The Gaiety Theatre has shows and musicals hosted at night.
  • Footloose Disco, situated in the Ritz Cineplex building, is Shimla's only nightclub and blasts Bollywood hits well into the night on weekends.

Below we have a list of things to do in Shimla and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Shimla getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Shimla with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Shimla

Here is the list of things to do in Shimla and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Rashtrapati Niwas

    4.6 (11636 Votes)
    Rashtrapati Niwas

    Architecture , Heritage Building

    This stupendous structure ringed by pine woods standing tall on the observatory hill at the western end of Shimla ridge was built in the 19th century as the residence of Viceroy Lord Dufferin. Now known as the Rashtrapati Niwas or the President’s residence, it has a brilliant style of construction with a typical British flavour to it. A grand fireplace faces the main entrance. Verandas an...Read more
  2. Christ Church

    4.5 (11040 Votes)
    Christ Church

    Church, Religious Site, Library, Architecture

    This splendid church is located just near the Ridge in Shimla and can be reached very easily from anywhere. The Christ Church & St. Michael's Cathedral is a famous landmark of Shimla and is flocked by many devout followers from all over India. It is considered to be the second oldest church in North India. The construction of this church took around 11 long years and we know why! The church...Read more
  3. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery, Theatre, Architecture

    Located in the heart of Shimla, on the Mall Road, Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is a significant tourist hot spot. Opened on the 30th of May in 1887, this historic cultural centre was designed by Henry Irwin. The building's exquisite Gothic style of architecture is a true manifestation of Victorian artistry. Initially, it was a five-story building with a Theatre, Ballroom, Armory, Police Off...Read more
  4. Tara Devi Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    A steep climb to Tara Devi Temple and you will be amidst beauty and peace second to none. The temple is a religious site for Hindus and is surrounded by a sea of mesmerizing sights. You will get to see the complete view of Shimla from Tat Devi Temple. If you happen to be someone who loves photography, this place will give you some of the stunning scenes worth capturing. The premises of the temp...Read more
  5. Kali Bari Temple

    4.6 (9471 Votes)
    Kali Bari Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Archaeological Site

    The famous Kali Bari Temple of Shimla is a popular tourist attraction and is situated at a very strategic location. The temple was built in the year 1845 and is dedicated to the Goddess Kali who is also known as Shyamala. It is from the name of the Goddess Shyamala that Shimla derives its name. The Kali Bari temple of Simla is a very well known religious place of India and people who come to Sh...Read more
  6. Himachal State Museum

    4.4 (5722 Votes)
    Himachal State Museum


    This museum thrives to collect and preserve ancient artistic, historical, archaeological and ethnological human works so that the  future generation may have access to the cultural treasure that it has inherited from the past. The institution has played a significant role in collecting and preserving the scattered cultural heritage which otherwise was endangered and becoming extinct. House...Read more
  7. Shimla Heritage Museum

    3.9 (6791 Votes)
    Shimla Heritage Museum

    Museum, Heritage Building

    Glance and marvel at the collection of photos and pictures that belong to the British Raj Era in Shimla at this museum. The Shimla heritage museum is housed in a 120 year old heritage building itself, formerly known as the US Club. The museum flaunts a set of over 50 rare pictures displaying the Viceregal Lodge, Rippon Hospital, Post Office, Town Hall, Gaiety Theatre, Combermere Bridge, Vidhan ...Read more
  8. Summer Hill

    Outdoors, Village, Hill, Picnic Spot

    Also known as Potter’s Hill, Summer hill is the former place of residence of the Great leader Mahatma Gandhi. It is a small town in itself and attracts tourists with its deep deodar forests that proudly nestle the residences of many other prominent Indians. This is an ideal picnic spot or a day-out. It is a delight to the photographers. Some people deliberately choose this place for their...Read more
  9. Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary

    Outdoors, Forest, Water Body, Waterfront

    Erstwhile the property of the famous Rana of Koti, the Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary is today the source of water supply in all of Shimla. It is one of the most secluded areas in Shimla spreading over amplitude of 10.25 sq. km. The plantations in the area include of coniferous forests that house White Oak, Deodar trees, Vascular Herbs, Chill Pine and Blue Pine in huge amount. Moreover with t...Read more
  10. The Ridge

    4.7 (10724 Votes)
    The Ridge

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Market, Shopping Center

    Located in the heart of Shimla is the famous tourist attraction known as The Ridge. The Ridge is the hub of all cultural activities of Shimla. It is situated along the Mall Road, which is the famous shopping center of Shimla. Most major places of Shimla like Lakkar Bazaar, Mall, Scandal Point, Jakhoo hill, etc. are connected through the Ridge. The main water supply of Shimla comes from the huge...Read more
  11. Himalayan Bird Park

    3.9 (9620 Votes)
    Himalayan Bird Park

    Outdoors, Nature, Bird Watching

    Sight the rarest of the avian species in the picturesque environs of Shimla at the Himalayan Bird Park. Located at a height of 2213 meters, the park includes some of the most exotic birds that you have ever seen. It is an extremely popular tourist spot in Shimla that attracts bird watchers from far and wide, year in and year out. It is not just bird lovers, but anyone who visits this ...Read more
  12. Prospect Hill

    4.1 (8494 Votes)
    Prospect Hill

    Outdoors, Forest, View Point, Hill

    Standing on the Prospect Hill of Shimla, one can have a spectacular view of the entire region. You will feel as if you are away from this world into a world that is so beautiful and so very rare with its basket of stupendous beauty. The scenic beauty of the place in the midst of green veiled mountains and watching passing clouds from the hill top is really something that will keep you mum.
  13. Jakhoo Temple

    4.7 (5840 Votes)
    Jakhoo Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, View Point

    This ancient temple in Shimla is dedicated to the Lord Hanuman or the Monkey God and has a special mention in the Indian epic Ramayana. It stands with the great poise at Shimla’s highest point offering panoramic view of the entire city. The astounding mountain ranges and the hills leave you astonished by the natural beauty. The temple has been exhaustively renovated and this vantage point...Read more
  14. Indian Institute Of Advanced Study

    Educational Site, Historical Site

    Indian Institute of Advanced Study, popularly known as IIAS is one of the premier institutes in India that graduates many talented people for India. Located on the picturesque location of Observatory hill, this institute produces quality education for the young generation of India. This institute was established in 1964 and was inaugurated by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan who was the former President of...Read more
  15. Annadale

    4.5 (1656 Votes)


    Shimla is a historic city whose history is reflected even in its playgrounds. Located near the Ridge area, Annandale is a historic playground where people come to watch or play cricket or the princely game of polo. This playground was named by Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy as Annadale after the woman named Anna with whom he had a deep bonding during his growing years but people eventually start...Read more