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About Kozue, Shinjuku

Kozue (written: 梢 or こずえ in hiragana) is a feminine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: Kozue Amano (天野 こずえ) (born 1974), Japanese manga artist Kozue Ando (安藤 梢) (born 1982), Japanese footballer Kozue Yoshizumi (吉住 梢) (born 1979), Japanese voice actress Kozue Harashima (原島梢), Japanese voice actress Fictional characters: Kozue Aoba (蒼葉 梢), character in the manga series Mahoraba Kozue Kuranaga (倉永 梢), character in the visual novel Yosuga no Sora Kozue Takanashi (小鳥遊 梢), character in the manga series Working!!


Overview of Kozue

Home to Kozue is the city of Shinjuku in the country of Japan. If you have enough time to explore the interiors of the city, you will pass by Kozue.

Top attractions of Shinjuku worth your visit include Himawari Zushi Shintoshin, Media Cafe Popeye Shinjuku, Ishikawa and Shinjuku Ward Shinjuku Sports Center. Visit these and also discover other interesting things to do in Shinjuku before planning.

More about Shinjuku

Make your visit suitable to your interest, use Shinjuku trip planner for personalization.

Your worry of where to stay in Shinjuku is sufficed by bunch of interesting and comfortable lodging options in the Shinjuku like Apa Hotel - Higashishinjuku Kabukicho Higashi, Apa Hotel Shinjuku Gyoemmae and Hotel Listel Shinjuku.

Create your own Shinjuku vacation packages or choose from the ones made by travel experts. Also explore the best ways for how to reach Shinjuku.

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  • Delicious, delightful service, and beautiful restaurant. We had the Shabu Shabu which was amazing. Try the plum wine made locally there. It's amazing. Definitely worth visiting for a nice meal overlooking the city!

  • Fantastic service and food. Expensive but worth it. English speaking staff. Would return.

  • was on a rush to have lunch here. their expedite services is impressive. and the food is great with nice view!

  • Cost $$$$ Food ★★★★★ Decor ❤❤❤❤

  • Everything tasted delicious

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