Best Things To Do in Shivpuri, India

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There is a range of attractions in Shivpuri that span from historical to natural and to modern. These attractions will engage you with the city in the best possible manner. The attractions belong to the various regimes that have seen their rise in Shivpuri. For example, the Madhav Vilas Palace belongs to period under the rule of Marathas when it was the Summer Palace of the Scindhias. George Castle in Madhav National Park was built during the British regime in India. For those who want to spend some time in the lap pf nature can visit various attractions such as SakhyaSagar Lake, Karera Bird Sanctuary, Pawa Waterfalls, BhooraKhon Waterfall and Sultan Garh Falls and spend some leisure time. Shivpuri is also famous for Chhatris (cenotaphs) which were once erected by Scindia Princess and add a royal candour to the city. With so many things to do in Shivapuri, your trip to this ancient city will definitely prove to be a fulfilling one.

Below we have a list of things to do in Shivpuri and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Shivpuri getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Shivpuri with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Shivpuri

Here is the list of things to do in Shivpuri and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Bhadiya Kund

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    Bhadiya Kund

    Religious Site, Nature

    Shivpuri is famous for being close to Bhadiya Kund, a natural spring that is supposed to have curative powers and healing qualities. Its water is rich in mineral content making it medicinal in nature. In order to promote tourism here, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has opened up several hotels and guesthouses to welcome people and to let them have comfortable stay. Since the wat...Read more
  2. Sakhya Sagar Lake

    Lake, Nature

    Bordering the famous Madhav national park, SakhyaSagar Lake offers a whiff of relief to the travellers who visit it. The surroundings of this lake are tranquil, serene and leave an ever lasting impression of nature on your mind. What makes this lake important is that a large number of reptiles, marsh crocodiles, Indian Pythons and Monitor Lizards have created their habitat here. It was in the y...Read more
  3. Survaya Ki Garhi Image

    Religious Site, Temple

    Shivapuri, the city is named after Lord Shiva and you will find a number of Shiv temples here. SurvayakiGarhi is a famous ancient Lord Shiva temple that evokes awe as well as reverence. What makes this temple unique is that this temple also houses a water source. On the pious night of Mahashivratri, this temple gets flooded with devotees who come here to offer milk to Lord Shiva. A visit to thi...Read more
  4. Madhav Vilas Palace

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    Madhav Vilas Palace


    One of the most beautiful historic structures in Shivpuri, Madhav Vilas Palace was once the summer palace of Scindias of Maratha empire. This palace looks beautiful with its soft shades of rose pink and marbled floors. As you visit this palace, you will be smitten by its royal candour and splendid turrets. Reach up at the turrets and you will be able to enjoy sweeping views of the city and beyo...Read more
  5. Karera Bird Sanctuary Image

    Bird Watching

    For the bird watchers, Karera bird sanctuary is one of the most sought after destination as it offers them a chance to spot the loved creatures. Located at a distance of around 55 km from the city of Shivpuri, this bird sanctuary is home to a lot of species of birds that constitute both migrating birds and the ones who have Shivpuri as their natural habitat. The most famous bird present over he...Read more
  6. Tatya Tope Memorial

    Memorial, Sculpture

    Shivpuri holds a lot of historic significance as during the British regime, it was here that the famous ruler Tantya Tope was hanged to death on the 18th of April 1859 for revolting against the English authorities. Thus, you will find a memorial in the name of Tatya Top here as a remembrance of battle for independence. You will see the sculpture of Tatya Tope with a swort in the hand fighting f...Read more
  7. Madikheda Dam


    A visit to Shivpuri will also make you visit the beautiful Madikheda dam, which is a multipurpose structure. This is a 60 MW Hydo power project Dam built upon the Sindh River, a tributary of the Yamuna River, which flows through the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. A visit to this dam during the time of monsoons will offer you exquisite views of water as well as climate. Stop ...Read more
  8. Pawa Waterfall


    For nature lovers, there is no dearth of attractions in Madhya Pradesh. Pawa Waterfalls is one of the most ravishing waterfalls in Shivpuri offering the beauty of nature. The Pawa waterfalls descend near a majestic statue of Lord Shiva and thus offer a blend of both nature and religion. A visit to these falls during the monsoons will let you have mesmerizing views of voluminous water. Since the...Read more
  9. Bhoora Khon Waterfall Image


    Located near the MadhavSagar Lake, the BhooraKhon waterfall offers you a delightful natural experience. Although small, this waterfall looks ravishing and pleasing to the eyes. There is an ancient idol of Lord Shiva located at the waterfall’s cascade rendering it a combination of both nature and religion. The waterfall takes a plunge from a short height and merges into the river flowing n...Read more
  10. Sultan Garh Fall


    Sultan Garh is a natural cascade that offers a whiff of rejuvenation to the travellers who visit it. Erupting out of the Parvati river, this waterfall is an ideal spot to spend some leisure time. Flanked by greenery and natural beauty, this waterfall makes the whole place look very scenic. A visit to these falls during the monsoons will let you have mesmerizing views of voluminous water. You wi...Read more
  11. Chhatris

    Historical Site, Architecture

    The state of Madhya Pradesh is home to some of the most wonderful architectures of the world. One of these is the Chhatris of Shivpuri. Shivpuri is small town of Madhya Pradesh. If you happen to be in this town, make sure that you see the beautiful Chhatris. Most of these are located in the Mughal Garden. The Chhatri shows a blend of Hindu and Mughal culture and was constructed during the Scin...Read more