How to Reach Sidari


  • By Air: The nearest airport to Sidari would be Corfu Airport which is located around 45 kms away from the town. From the airport itself, there are a multiple options for transfers to Sidari.
  • By Road: Sidari is well connected to almost all the towns in Greece.
  • By Bus: There are buses available from the Green Bus Station in Corfu. These buses are regular as well as convenient.
  • By Boat: From Corfu, you can easily reach Sidari via boats.


  • On Foot: Since Sidari is a small beach town, the best way to explore it is on foot. It would be a nice idea to capture its picturesque beauty while you are walking down its terrain.
  • On Bike: Rented bikes are available from almost everywhere in Sidari. One of the cheapest and best ways to explore Sidari!

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Sidari. The most preferred mode of transport in Sidari is Walking.

Average distance: 4.67 km Average time: 20 min

  • Walking 42.86%
    Walking 10.67 min Motorbike 1 min Overall average time for 1.33 kms 11.67 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 14.29%
    Bus 30 min Waiting 15 min Walking 5 min Overall average time for 11 kms 50 min
  • Car 28.57%
    Driving 17.5 min Overall average time for 6.5 kms 17.5 min
Route Distance Time
Kassiopi to Sidari 23.89 km 23 mins
Corfu to Sidari 28.16 km 28 mins
Budapest to Sidari 811.19 km 13 hours 31 mins
Izmir to Sidari 837.01 km 13 hours 57 mins
Miskolc to Sidari 873.71 km 14 hours 33 mins
Rapallo to Sidari 1262.76 km 21 hours 2 mins
Dübendorf to Sidari 1479.01 km 24 hours 39 mins
Geneva to Sidari 1660.23 km 27 hours 40 mins
Tel aviv to Sidari 1838.63 km 30 hours 38 mins
Hertford to Sidari 2558.33 km 42 hours 38 mins
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