Side Tourism

This little resort town was a significant centre in the ancient Roman Empire. Today, it serves as a quick get-away for one-day trips from Manavgat. Side literally means pomegranate in local language. The name of the city was dedicated to mother goddess Antolia and was founded in 700 BC.

An ancient corner of the shining empire, this town was a major centre of culture, science and trade. Years later, it came under the influence of Crete and the Crete manifested itself strongly into architecture and culture of Side.

Today, it is a dotted town with ruins of significant ancient places and the amphitheatre, the temple of Apollo give you glimpse of what the Ancient city looked like. Visit Side and explore the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire, splash in beautiful waters of just relax by the beach.

Plan a trip to Side and experience the charm of this Turkish town! 

Essential travel information and Side tips for your visit

  • Modest dressing for women is recommended when travelling to Side. Make sure you wear full-sleeved clothes.

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