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Sierra Leone Overview

Sierra Leone, officially known as the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a beautiful country in West Africa. The country of Sierra Leone is enriched with its magnificent natural views as well as natural resources.  From fascinating mountains to pristine beaches, unmatched wildlife and enchanting islands, Sierra Leone has it all. Therefore, your Sierra Leone travel guide needs to plan your holiday in such a way that you can totally experience the diversity of this country.

Visa Guidelines for Traveling To Sierra Leone

Except for the citizens of ECAWOS or the Economic Community of West African States, citizens of all other countries need to obtain a Sierra Leone visa. But it works only as a pre-entry clearance. The ultimate right for entering the country lies in the hands of the immigration department. All tourists visiting Sierra Leone must carry a valid passport with a validity of at least six months from the date of entering the country.

Best Months to Visit Sierra Leone

The months of October to May are the best time to visit Sierra Leone when the weather stays dry and pleasant. You can also visit this country during the month of June and September, but you'll need to be prepared for experiencing occasional heavy downpours. For tourists who are interested in Bird watching, may find the months of January to February ideal for their purpose.

Top Places to Visit in Sierra Leone

The Republic of Sierra Leone has its own appeal to the tourists. Offering a variety of natural beauties, this country has so many places of unmatched beauty and charm. Climbing Mount Bintumani, going for safari or simply relaxing on the white sand beaches are some of the top things to do in Sierra Leone. Banana Island, Turtle Island, Gola Forest, Bunce island and Lake Sonfon are some the best places to visit in Sierra Leone. The Tingi Hills Forest Reserve and the Kangari hills forest Reserve are two other popular tourist designations as well.

Getting Around In Sierra Leone

Most of the towns of this country being well-connected by taxis and minibusses, there's no need to worry about how to reach Sierra Leone tourist destinations. The minibuses, known as poda-podas, can be very affordable, but a bit slow. There are also cars and charter taxis available for getting around in the country which can be a bit expensive. There are even boats or pam-pahs available that operate between several towns of Sierra Leone.

Food and Accommodation in Sierra Leone

Jollof rice, Fufu, and Kukhri are some of the most popular Sierra Leonean cuisines. Known for its rich foods culture, it’ll be a folly not to try out the spicy and delicious local cuisines while you’re in Sierra Leone. Crown Xpress, Gusto’s and Bliss are some of the best places in the country where you can get a real taste of Leonean cuisines. The Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel and Daltons Banana Guesthouse can be the ideal option for staying as it offers uninterrupted views of the sea.

While you'll plan your dream holiday in Sierra Leone, these above-mentioned considerations may come handy. These will not only help your vacation to be more organized but will also enable you to make the most out of your Sierra Leone trip.

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