How to Reach Singapore - The Easiest Way to Reach Singapore


  • By Air: The Changi International Airport which is located 20km from the main city center is well connected with all the major cities throughout the globe with frequent international & domestic flights. During off peak seasons flights are very much affordable for tourists.
  • By Road: Buses and Cabs are great way to reach Singapore from Malaysia and Thailand. The Bus transportation system is very pocket friendly in Singapore.
  • By Train: There are trains which run from Malaysia to Singapore which are air conditioned and very comfortable. The TanjungPagar Railway Station is located approximately 16kms from Singapore city.You can do reservations for train in advance using Singapore tourist guide.
  • By Boat: Ferries connect Johor and Riau Islands to Singapore.


  • By Cab: One can hire a cab to reach city after getting down at the railway station and once you book a hotel in city center you are ready to explore the city using Singapore tourist information.
  • By train: The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and LRT (Light Rail Transit) are a reasonable and reliable mode of transport.
  • By Bus: You can cover most of Singapore by bus. However they are comparatively a slow mode of transport.

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Modes of Transportation in Singapore

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Singapore. The most preferred mode of transport in Singapore is Train/Metro.

Average distance: 15.17 km Average time: 41.65 min

  • Train/Metro 27.59%
    Train 30.35 min Walking 8.05 min Waiting 7.05 min Bus 4.25 min Tram 0.63 min Overall average time for 16.07 kms 50.33 min
  • Car 20.69%
    Driving 28.9 min Walking 1.7 min Waiting 0.17 min Overall average time for 19.3 kms 30.77 min
  • Motorbike 5.52%
    Motorbike 16.25 min Walking 1.25 min Overall average time for 13 kms 17.5 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 1.38%
    Tram 30 min Walking 10 min Bus 5 min Waiting 5 min Overall average time for 19 kms 50 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 26.21%
    Bus 39.16 min Waiting 6.32 min Walking 5.84 min Train 1.32 min Driving 0.74 min Overall average time for 14.9 kms 53.37 min
  • Walking 13.1%
    Walking 19.21 min Driving 5.26 min Train 4.05 min Waiting 1.84 min Bike 1.05 min Bus 0.84 min Overall average time for 10.29 kms 32.26 min
  • Bike 2.07%
    Bike 16.67 min Walking 1.67 min Overall average time for 4 kms 18.33 min

How to Reach Singapore from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Johor bahru to Singapore 9.04 km 9 mins
Johor bharu to Singapore 9.5 km 9 mins
Batam to Singapore 24.8 km 24 mins
Kulai to Singapore 25.8 km 25 mins
Jalan tanjung pahang to Singapore 40.88 km 40 mins
Kuantan to Singapore 83.99 km 1 hour 23 mins
Kuala terengganu to Singapore 127.92 km 2 hours 7 mins
Palembang to Singapore 155.78 km 2 hours 35 mins
Melaka to Singapore 165.72 km 2 hours 45 mins
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