Fun and Entertaining Places in Singapore

The city of Singapore will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife, or creative theaters, you will find different fun and entertainment options in Singapore. Here is the extensive list of all the entertainment places in Singapore that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. With so many options to choose from, you will never have to worry about what to do in Singapore anymore.

Let's explore the best places for fun and entertainment in Singapore:

  1. Chinatown

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    Art And Culture, Entertainment, Architecture , Neighborhoods

    Chinatown continues to be one of the fascinating corners of the city. It is dominated by Chinese culture. However, the landscape is marked with various other cultural features as well.  Every city needs a Chinatown but Singapore’s Chinatown is even more fascinating due to its cultural diversity and harmony. This place includes the Sri Mariamman Temple, the Jamae Mosque and the Al Ab...Read more
  2. Botanic Gardens

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    Botanic Gardens

    Garden, Park, Botanical Garden, Entertainment

    Singapore has an amazing array of natural wealth. The tropical climate makes the country a haven for the most beautiful flowering plants in the whole world. A beautiful experience of the plant life of Singapore is offered by these Green and lush gardens. National Orchid Garden is the most popular attraction as it houses more than 3000 orchids of 2000 hybrids and 1000 species. Don’t miss ...Read more
  3. Merlion

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    Park, Entertainment, Boating

    The Merlion is in the Merlion Park near the Singapore CBD and is a renowned tourist spot in Singapore. The original name of Singapore, ‘Singapura’ is represented by the lion head. Singapura means the lion city. Tourists will definitely have a good time here as this place is lined with bars and restaurants. You can walk along and take in the sea breeze. This is a good place for tour...Read more
  4. Singapore Zoo

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    Singapore Zoo

    Zoo, Entertainment

    This is a very good model of ‘Open zoo’. Here, no cages are used. Glass fronts are used as boundaries for enclosures housing dangerous animals like leopards and jaguars that climb well. So not only do the animals get to roam free, but you also get to view them in as natural a habitat as possible. This zoo houses over 2,500 animals. Here, you can find many educational and interactiv...Read more
  5. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

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    Marina Bay Sands Skypark

    Park, View Point, Entertainment, Leisure

    Enjoy incredible views of the city from the 57th floor at the remarkable Marina Bay Sands Skypark. The place is home to an infinity swimming pool from where you can enjoy views or also get on to the views deck to feast your eyes on the mesmerizing beauty of Singapore. The interiors and architecture of the hotel are simply stunning and remarkable while the view of the city from here is exceptio...Read more
  6. Jurong Bird Park

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    Jurong Bird Park

    Park, Zoo, Nature, Bird Watching

    The Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s largest bird park with over 400 species of birds which sum up to a total of about 5000 birds adding color and life to the area. The park occupies about 20.2 hectares of land with walkways to explore the glory of the chirpy birds. It also features a 30-metre-high waterfall, a penguin coast, a Pelican Cove and more. A visit to this sanctuary is sure to make f...Read more
  7. Orchard Road

    Walking Area, Mall, Shopping Center, Streets

    A 2.2 kilometer roadideal for shopping and trying the different cuisine of Singapore. Orchard road is replete with iconic malls and elegant restaurants. There are fast food joints and pricey hotels here as well. The dazzling street is a huge fascination for locales as well as tourists. The road is priced in such a manner that is has something in store for everyone. In all this street makes for...Read more
  8. Clarke Quay

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    Clarke Quay

    Entertainment, Neighborhoods , Streets, Nightlife

    The Clarke quay is located on the mouth of Singapore River. It is one of the historical riverside quays which have many restaurants and nightclubs depicting the nightlife of Singaporeans. Hongkong's one of the best retail stores opened its flagship in Singapore on this quay. Here, you will see all the exclusive bars and restaurants offering best dining options to all its visitors. Clarke quay ...Read more
  9. Night Safari

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    Night Safari

    Wildlife Safari, Entertainment

    This is considered to be among the 3 major wildlife reserves in Singapore. This place is very unique because, there the main focus is preserving nocturnal animals and moreover letting them be  in their natural setting. Tourists can definitely enjoy this place as it houses over 1000 animals belonging to around 120 different species. Visitors are taken through 8 geographical zones that are ...Read more
  10. Singapore River

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    Singapore River

    Water Body, River, Entertainment

    The canal in the city of Singapore, known as Singapore River is of utmost historic importance. The river flows from Central Area in the southern part of Singapore till it meets the ocean. It is regarded as the most important river in Singapore. The river has three most important quays namely boat quay, Clarke quay and Robertson quay which is regarded as the heart of the city. Singapore River d...Read more
  11. City Gallery

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    City Gallery

    Museum, Educational Site, Entertainment

    For kicking off the trip to Singapore, stop at the Singapore city gallery for brushing some history and background information of the city. If you want to know more about the geography of the city and local architecture, be sure to visit the place. If you wish to learn by doing, then there are many exhibits for you. You should also check out the planning tool through which you can stimulate ur...Read more
  12. The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore

    Entertainment, Games

    Bring out the spirit of undertaking challenges while reviving the child in you at The Escape Hunt Experience gaming center. Push yourself to utilizing all your skills in solving the puzzles, in order to escape the room. On a visit here you treat yourself with an adventurous experience that’s educative, challenging, and full of enthusiasm. The game center is indeed exciting and will leave...Read more
  13. Arab Street

    Outdoors, Walking Area, Neighborhoods , Streets

    Referred by Chinese as Jiau a Koi Javanese, this is a chirpy neighborhood in Singapore which is known for its shopping and variety of restaurants dotted along its paths. There are two theories behind the name, one which claims that the names comes from its Arab owner- Syed Ali bin Mohamed Al Junied and the other which claims it to be a site of  Arab Kampong. Best known for its flower shop...Read more
  14. Yixing Xuan Teahouse

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    Yixing Xuan Teahouse

    Specialty Shop, Workshop

    One of the best places to learn more about various tea leaves and their distinct flavors, this tea house is made for tea lovers! You can either walk in and shop for the variety of specialty teas offered by the workshop or enroll in the tea workshop that offer an interactive session with the tea experts followed by a tasting session. The workshop also gives you an insight into the Chinese cultu...Read more
  15. Boat Quay

    Outdoors, Food And Drinks, Pubs, Restaurant

    Boat quay is regarded as the historical quay of Singapore located upstream from the mouth of Singapore River. The road along the Quay is also known by the same name and has been converted in to pedestrian mall. Boat Quay is a place that offers a great mix of all types of restaurants, be it high end ones, dining or bars and pubs. This place is recommended to just chill out place for all the pro...Read more